Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lezet&ThrouRoof's "Adria" released with DogEaredRecords(Mexico)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The second Lezet/Throuroof album is out!"Adria" is a walk in a different direction,the gustatory and olfactory focal point being the Adriatic Sea itself.Experiencing it and enjoying it on both its shores, the sea inspired our aural venture into depicting the feelings it evoked.Any storytelling that a listener might conjure up while plunging into these pieces is purely unintended and even contrary to the original design of the collaborators.

Here's what Max Go wrote about this release:
"The latest from Lezet / Throuroof is four timbrally akin pieces that form the transluscent walls of their aural pharmacy. I hear the sound of wet fingers circling around the edges of myriad crystal vials. Meanwhile, a recurring flock of cloned seagulls seem to be the stereo delayed glee club inside this four movement experiment. But then again, maybe it's not an experiment at all. Maybe L/T fully know what L/T are doing. Through the calculated use of hollowed out and echoic sounds we are drawn into a digital cathedral that is its own glass pipe organ, churning out ethereal hymns. The disciplined palette of sounds used relates to square waves, high frequency attack transients and incidental effects. This non - busy, unspectacular but nonetheless tasteful approach to composition ultimately results in a calming listening experience."

You can download the release here:

artwork by Merima Fetahovic&Vojislav Nedeljkovic

a new batch of releases at DOG EARED:

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