Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lezet's"Din2"now available at!!!!!!!

Lezet's"Din2"now available at!!!!!!!

Previously released with the "SoundsOrange" label, Lezet's "Din2" album is now available on the "SoundsOrange"'s branch label -"SoundsPurple":

"It has become obvious to us that we have 2 specific niches, 'alternative/underground' music and 'new age' music. So we are dividing the website into two websites.
SoundsPurple will promote and sell the alternative music. This will help us to target each brand (SoundsOrange and SoundsPurple) to specific markets. "

You can now listen to and download "Din2" here:

SoundsOrange will be devoted to the 'new age' and 'new world' music and

Din2 - LEZET
SoundsPurple | Cat No. | Release Date: OCT 2008

Lezet's "Din2" explores the sonic possibilities of computer-piano interraction.Drawing upon a multitude of genres,Lezet's only aim is to hear his sounds "cavort about beautifully without a hint of anything related to traditional music theory (Max Go)" Igor Jovanovic: piano,detuned piano,keys,noise,acoustic drum scores,percussions Lezet's blogspot site:

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