Friday, September 18, 2009

Lasse Marhaug & Lezet's "The Shape of Rock to Come Revisited" released through CLINICAL ARCHIVES(Russia)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armed with enthusiasm and patience MrMarhaug relentlessly performed and recorded honing his skills and becoming a unique voice in contemporary music.He keeps an open mind to its heights and celebrates its genuine side.According to him, speaking in noise is not speaking in tongues, but "a celebration".
Having heard the stunning "The Shape of Rock to Come" album for the first time I was dazzled by the energy both raw and subtle, by the physicality of the release and by its meticulously crafted compositions.It was my first encounter with Lasse's music and I took to it straight away.By making a reinterpretation of the album I did not seek to alter anything as there wasn't a single portion of any track that needed altering.Instead, its sole purpose was to celebrate one of the iconic figures in recent music history and to preserve Lasse's abstract narrative as closely as possible (while adding a tint of Lezet-ness into the mixes as well).I thank Lasse for allowing this release to happen.

you can download the release here :

or here:

the "The Shape of Rock to Come" album was released through the amazing "SmalltownSupersound" label ( in 2003.

Coverart by Larva 108 and Vojislav Nedeljkovic, 2008/9


label:Clinical Archives
format: free mp3 download album
Artist/Composer: Lasse Marhaug & Lezet
Date: 2009-09-18
Keywords/tags: experimental; abstract electronics; noise

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Janas said...

Great work, thank you very much!