Tuesday, April 17, 2012

V.A.-"WHEEL OF FORTUNE 4" released with KERMESSE RECORDS(Argentina)!!!

V. A. Wheel of Fortune 4 - KRnet026 - Kermesse Records

Various Artists Compilation - Experimental, Noise, Dark Ambient, Other
April 2012 - KRnet026 - Kermesse Records - Argentina
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01-Syrinx Drone - Intro
02-Arte Sacra Atelier - Black Music Coiling
03-Baden Dangit - Fabel Clause
04-ErocNet - Northern Lights
05-iky iky - Thou shalt not Alter the Consciousness of Thy Fellow Men
06-After [Life] - Agony
07-Josef Nadek - Wos bleibt is Schuld
08-Lezet- A Haystack of Infinite Size
09-LIL - Mirabilia
10-Misantronics - Ehlem Khez Vhirtoii
11-Jared C. Balogh - Nice and Simplistic
12-Playing with nuns - Pushing Tin
13-Mists Of Poveglia - Hopelessly,We Continued Walking Through The Freezing Night
14-Topi Reta - Afasia (original version)
15-Der Domestizierte Mensch - Psycho Dad
16-Vziel Projet - ?? ???? ???
17-To-Bo - Ater Ipot

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