Saturday, April 14, 2012

V.A."The Chestnut Tree Compilation" released with BUDDHIST ON FIRE (USA)!!

The Chestnut Tree compilation includes over 60 artists from 17 countries, collected for the program’s one year anniversary on KPFT , 90.1FM in Houston, Texas. The program also airs on , the largest ambient radio community on-line. This compilation is released through Buddhist on Fire as a creative commons download.

This project represents a system of artists, community radio and net labels that promote a large range of non-commercial and legally free music. This encourages new, creative and experimental music, listener exploration and free information . Thank you to all who donated their work, time and creativity for this compilation.

free download:

Artists include:
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency [UK]
Alex Ischenkau [UA]
Altocumulus [US]
Another Antidote [US/AU]
Backyard Ghost [US]
Ben Presto [IT/DE]
Brian Routh [UK]
Brownian Motion [US]
Bryan Lewis Saunders and Ayn Morgan [US]
Chris Morill [US]
Coma Centauri [US]
Charlie Naked [US]
Chris Videl [US]
Crystal Dreams [AU]
Cyclea [US]
D. Miñoza and M. Peck [US]
Distant Trains [US]
Disturbed Earth [AU]
downercow [US]
Elizabeth Veldon [UK]
Ergo Phizmiz [US]
Hobo Liked Gnomix [RU]
The Implicit Order [US]
Infant Mortality Rate [US]
irr. app. (ext.) [US/CA]
Jack Hertz [US]
Joe Frawley [US]
Joe McMahon
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen [FI]
Kirill Platonkin [RU]
Kommissar Hjuler [DE]
Kristus Kut [NL]
Lezet [RS]
loopool [US]
Lumen Kishkumen and Hal McGee [US]
_mhz [PL]
Mama Baer Hjuler [DE]
Marax [US]
Modulator ESP [UK]
Mystified [US]
Neon Lushell [US]
Night at Noon [US]
onewayness [US]
(o)†HERS [US] Otto von Rhinau [FR]
Painburn [IT]
Palancar [US] President Blair [US]
Rafael González [ES]
Ronny Wærnes [NO]
Saluki Regicide [US]
Symatic Star [AU]
Terrible Eagle and Ken Wiatrek [DE]
Sébastien Rien and Jean D.L. [BE]
Shane Morris and D. Miñoza [US]
Shane Morris and PixyBlink [US]
Stone Baby [US]
Travis Johnson [US]
Wehwalt [FR]
Yoshihiro Kikuchi [JP]
Zreen Toyz [FR]

Buddhist on Fire releases dark ambient, experimental, field recordings, sound collage and maybe even some spoken word... Everything is released using a Creative Commons license.

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