Sunday, June 3, 2012

V.A.-"For +Solo" released with ILSE (USA)

For +SoLo
by Ilse
Digital Album
release/download page:

1.Decoy Jews - Somniloquist 02:16
2.Brooke Chekofsky - No Eyes 01:08
3.Os Ovni - Radioactivity 05:04
4.Massimo Magee - Amplifier 03:06
5.Wehwalt - Imago 09:57
6.Jamison Williams - for Karla Homolka (b. 4 May 1970) 04:39
7.A. P. Vague - CCeA #1 03:44
8.Jim Ivy - The Arrival of the Seraphant 06:51
9.Travis Johnson - Asond 01:42
10.Lezet - Quitter Talk 02:02
11.Trotsky's Watercooler (feat. Judah) - It's a Bit of a Short 04:15
12.Thirdorgan - Discipline26 10:31
13.Vziel Projet - ldDo-0& 00:59
14.Ganglion Cyst - Solo Curve 02:45
15.To All My Dear Friends - The Transparent Voyage 09:07
16.Paulo Chagas - Fish For Lunch 05:19
17.Kris Gruda - Twenty Two Beat Head 03:55
18.Hal McGee - Monotrinity for +SoLo 06:17
19.Ronny Wærnes - Under the +SoLo Bridge 03:04
20.Otolathe - Vortexas 05:14
21.loopool - Gettin Down, Goin Down 04:53
22.Jiblit Dupree - Jacksonville 02:22
23.Decoy Jews - Somniloquist 2 01:57
24.Gregory Owens - Where You Live 01:38
ILSO -This is a benefit album for +SoLo.
+SoLo is a new, non-profit, artist-run performance venue dedicated to experimental and avant-garde music and sound art in Florida, directed/curated by Jamison Williams, Keaton Orsborn and other local artists.
+SoLo is located at:
107 E Bay Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Northeast Florida has needed something like this for quite some time. It's an area full of creative artists working in this field but a terrible dearth of viable places to perform, record and to exchange materials and ideas.
It's also the gateway to the rest of the state and should be a more common stop for touring artists.
Over $400 has been raised to secure and insure the space. More will be needed for maintenance, for furnishing, for publicity, for a sign.
All donations from downloads of this compilation will directly benefit +SoLo.
A CDr edition will be available soon.
released 18 May 2012
compiled by Travis Johnson
tags: experimental avant-garde electronic improvisation United States license
Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Ilse exists to promote beautiful music. Ilse focuses on experimentation, improvisation, electronics and the avant- garde. Ilse is a nonprofit label. Releases can be downloaded for $0, but donations are greatly appreciated; they keep the label alive.

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