Sunday, June 3, 2012

V.A.-"A New Song For Old Theatres" released with BLACK CIRCLE RECORDS (UK)!!!!!!!

a new song for old theatres
by various artists
release/free download page:

1.elizabeth Veldon - music for gaviston standing on the shore (edward the second 1.1 ll 6 - 17) 05:56
2.The Implicit Order - what you will (travel into the future) 04:37
3.Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - amoretti and epithalamion-to the right worship 08:00
4.elizabeth Veldon - death march and the entry of ghoast and reuenge (kyd, the spanish tragedie, final act) 01:27
5.iky iky - the state of innocence 02:49
6.Lezet - his dagger digs the ground (the spanish tragedie) 03:12
7.elizabeth Veldon - caliban's song (the tempest 2:2 ll. 180 - 187) 02:02
8.Placement - but it is a melancholy of mine own 04:46
released 23 May 2012

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