Friday, July 6, 2012

LEZET-"HISTRIONICS" released with ILSE MUSIC (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"This is a tribute to the adult industry which emotionally crippled many a heterosexual male (myself included) and distorted the very notion of what physical love should be and how liberating it is.
Each featured performer is treated as an audio artist of proven vocal prowess and mildly hazardous stage antics. Hearing Zorn speak of our contemporary culture being “predominantly visual” got me thinking - how pleasant or aesthetically appealing might the organized sounds of a staged intercourse be when bereft of their visual accompaniment?"
released 03 July 2012
cover art by Vojislav Nedeljkovic
some rights reserved

release page:

The amazing Elizabeth Veldon made a 2-track album in response to "Histrionics": entitled "The Inarticulate Violence of Pornography"

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