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V.A.-"Survey0019" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE(England)!!!!

Classwar Karaoke
0019 survey / 31st August 2012
116 contributors, 95 pieces of music, 31 short-films. We humbly dedicate this survey to the memory of the late great Lol Coxhill, who died on 9th July 2012
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texts here:


1-PARAL-LEL 'Nr.1'
2-PARAL-LEL 'Nr.2'
3-PARAL-LEL 'Nr.3'
04_Elements '01'
6 or 7 'Hymn in E'
07_Elements '01'
07_Elements '02'
08_Elements '01'
Alan McLean 'Study For Microtone Guitar'
Alia Eleu Thera 'Say Nothing Vs. Saying Nothing'
Anthony and Substanshall 'Culture Is Not Your Friend (edit)'
Arcane Waves 'Perception Through Comatose State'
Art Electronix 'Mirror Bells (Sobrio Remix)'
ASTMA 'brznv'
Astrometria 'Climb Me'
Blu Simon Wasern 'Lugar 1 (tego)'
Bob Ostertag 'Burns Like Fire (edit)'
Brandstifter '14_Willkomme'
Bryan Lewis Saunders 'Carla's Tutor at Nola's Crack House (excerpt)'
Cagey House 'Timmy the Weekend Dolphin'
Chevo Légé 'Several Pricks on the Hill Laughing Out Loud'
Chilton Taylor Thompson 'A Possible End For A Dream'
Chris And Dave 'In the Annexe'
Chris Lynn 'Suzhou Studio'
Christophe Guiraud and David Ryan Quartet 'Shale Schiste'
Christophe Guiraud and Ensemble La Grive 'Helical (with Dancers in the Back)'
CP McDill 'Where the Fog Comes From'
Crush!!! 'It Gets Louder'
Elizabeth Weldon 'The Classical Tradition is a Sea in Which We Drown'
Espron 'Sagbukken'
ET 'Untitled'
Evan Parker and konstruKt 'Excerpt From Collective Improvisation 1'
Feeding Goats 'Sound Dunes'
Fluorescent Grey and Thorsten Soltau with Marina Stewart 'Final Transmission From A Dead Space'
Gburek Ossowska 'On the Ashes of Bruno a Light Too Late Rain Meltwater'
Graham Dunning 'Lonely Crowds'
Gurdonark 'Obscure Places'
Guy Harries 'Achilles Vandalismus'
Herrpenschuck 'Domestic Desasters'
Herve Perez 'St. Antoine Shakuhachi'
Hyaena Fierling Reich 'Dog Day Sunrise'
Izumi Yamamoto 'Output 1-2'
Jared C. Balogh 'How Will This Lift'
Jeanette Luchese 'The Great Escape in C Major'
Johannes Bergmark 'To This Crime We Plead Guilty'
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 'Small Gestures #4a'
Justin Wiggan 'Commuters Tinnitus Filled Mouths and Washing Their Guts in Energy Drink'
Klang Zvuk Som 'Savage Song'
Kommisar Hjuler and Cody Brant 'To End All Life'
konstruKt, Peter Brötzmann, Hüseyin Ertunç and Dogan Dogusel 'eklisia 1'
Leif Elggren 'Sister Moon'
Lezet 'My Fifth-Grade Nemesis Dancing'
LIL Moonroom Sin Senal 'Studnia'
MaCu_Murmurists 'Kodizill'
Mat Gabo 'D7032 '
Miquel Parera 'nxH29-2012-07-04_23_59_29'
Murmurists '13'
Mutate 'Soaring'
Nick Hennies and Sean O'Neill 'Clots (excerpt)'
Nissim Schaul 'Cyclictych 1-3'
Noise Research 'The Formulated Law Became An Efficient Method'
Oblivian Substanshall 'Like In The Olden Times'
Pablo Orza 'Schizo-anal-ysis Series for Electric-Guitar'
Painburn 'Serial Guitar'
Patrizia Mattioli 'Waves'
Paul Mimlitsch 'avi20412'
Peter Thoegersen 'F5'
Pixyblink 'Pariah'
Qkcfose 'Magnetic Plants'
Rhys Chatham 'Un Chason Si Vielle'
Rosendo J. Rocha 'Extintion'
Ross Ackerman 'Guitar Doodle 1'
Saïtam and chevo légé 'Leur impassibilité face aux évènements'
Sean O'Neill 'Mastoy'
Smash Hermetic and Moon Gratte 'Live at Lostwood pt1'
Sonvol 'ZenQ (Edit 11-2010)'
Sound Inhaler 'c.2012'
Spidey Agutter 'Noun Eats Nou Eats No'
Stadtfischflex and Murmurists '3_scenes'
Stalkaktos 'None Carbonic'
Steven Pottle and SIFIR 'Tube Crush'
Stormhat 'Miserabelt Mirakel'
Sun-Inside 'Boogie Boogie'
The Jazzfakers 'Weise Horn'
The Knot 'Basalt'
The Thud Experiment 'Automated Sentiment Mining'
Trans Atlantic Rage 'Some Off Beat Weirdo Realm With Mostly Cloudy Skies and Vultures Soaring in Unreasonably Warm Winter Winds'
Travis Johnson 'To and Wend'
Truckers of Husk (The Failed NASA Experiment remix) 'Awesome Tapes of Africa'
Tvlasunor 'African Big Cities'
Uwe Bastiansen 'Interfeed'
Uwe Bastiansen and Xyramat 'Dien Rote Frauenarmee'
V.A.G.U.E. 'STE-006 MkII'
Xo 'Billy Gim'
Zilmrah 'Numbness In Phases'

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