Saturday, September 15, 2012

V.A.-"We Salute You Freddie (A Black Circle Tribute Album)" released with BLACK CIRCLE RECORDS(UK)!!!!!!!

we salute you freddie (a black circle tribute album)
by black circle records
download/release page here:

1.Mystified - living forever 06:43
2.a is to b - FL?SH 04:40
3.elizabeth Veldon - i wrote your name out fifty times and each one was an act of rebelion 03:08
4.T.R.I.v.M - circles (silent mix) 08:27
5.Temple Music - hot spacebar 03:16
6.Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand - i want to live for ever 02:07
7.Lezet - rererorero 00:59
8.iky iky - the show must go on 02:48
9.Naked City Cinema - flash 02:21
released 12 September 2012
tags: experimental drone electronica electronics noise United Kingdom
some rights reserved


juanbascur said...

black circle and its good ideas... i like it! really!

LEZET said...

Thank you for the wonderful review in NATURALEZA INSACIABLE!Elizabeth is always full of ideas for the compilations...