Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lezet-"Dabblings 2" released with SURRISM PHONOETHICS(Germany)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An ep of lo-fi , home-recorded vocals suRRism-Phonoethics is very proud to announce once again the amazing Lezet!
This time Igor Jovanovic presents us his 'Dabblings 2' "as pure and vulnerable as possible".
"After a brief pause in his steady stream of output, the avantgarde composer extraordinare Lezet returns with the weirdest of albums. partial assemblage of nonsensical layered lala`s and other humdrum sounds, coughs, breaths and really primal sounds. it still retains Lezets forward looking raw experimentalism, but, what is really strikingly odd, and why you should check out this album, is that is has a very definitive childishly, almost poppy sound and feel. Definetively a warm and friendly listen. Highly recommended!!!" (Audun Forgard,electronic musician,Norway)

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coverart by Jaan Petterson

special thank-you note to Herr Alfred and Don Benito for their respective guest appearances

"you mouths have most shaving waste
of then: skin your some.
filthy be will his the
human call brains killed down
eaten as
mirrored esteem
unborn like atoms
point in me ciphered nothing ancient words putting with whip your theme in the
you the
breakpoint life given malicious sometimes
lies to you
through south
into herself self.
secret sauce is out!" - undRess B├ęton

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