Sunday, June 23, 2013

V.A.-"Artists For Laetitia Schteinberg" released with BLACK CIRCLE RECORDS(UK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

artists for laetitia schteinberg
by black circle records

laetitia schteinberg is a giften musician, designer, graphic artist and queer rights campaigner as well as a woman with a trans* history who fled russia after severe mistreatment and sought asylum in sweden.
sweden has refused her application several times and claimed she would be safe if she returned to russia which is patently not true.
her final appeal to stay in sweden is on the 26th of this month. she faces imprisonment, psychological and physical torture and possibly death if she returns to russia.
this album is free but on one condition; the artists involved ask that you, at the very least, sign the online petition regarding laetitia's case:

free dl:

1.Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - sometimes the worst moments in life are the most beautiful 07:10
2. nomad 02:03
3.Grove Of Whispers - mysterious and silent cheese 08:25
4.Rickard Sanderson - liberating aesthetic (for LS - fragments from EV) 08:30
5.(o)thers and ryder farms - our lips are sealed 04:41
6.Jurica Jelic - sketch No. 3 (solo fretless guitar) 03:52
7.The Implicit Order - let's have no more nights 03:58
8.Lost Trail - far afield 03:15
9.Anastasia Vronski - for laetitia 03:30
10.Bird Paradigma - becoming 04:18
11.Ascend silver poison - offer your voice to the waves 11:05
12.Lezet - threnody for sweden 02:57
13.To The Lovers, Farewell - aborted, raised, changed, accepting self, deported,.. 03:04
14.Jude Cowan Montague - baby boxes 05:19
15.The DDN - metronomy 04:38
16.elizabeth Veldon - several acts of violence wherein only some are obviously so 05:42
17.Ascend silver poison - The hope that was lost still lies out there somewhere' 04:34
18.Peetura - Letting-be (Still-g0ldener) 11:02
19.Peesix - koresh rules 03:52
20.Nhyos - silver limb 02:14
21.Charles Celeste Hutchins - meridian drums 10:02
22.Naked City Cinema - naked sweden/ naked russia 04:11 x?n - faulty IC 04:31
24.MUTATE - live from the other side 04:59
25.James T McKay - wolf patterns 17:04
26.elizabeth Veldon - a place of safety 30:00

we thank you for your time
released 21 June 2013
tags: experimental drone electronica electronics noise United Kingdom license
all rights reserved

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