Tuesday, February 11, 2014

V.A.-"Our 8kbps Revolution" released with COUNTING CLOUDS (USA)!!!

The inaugural release of the Counting Clouds netlabel finds fourteen artists exploring revolutionary themes. The artists were given the opportunity to create music about a revolution, either in the sense of an upheaval or a cycle, with the only other requirement being that the songs were 8kbps MP3s. These are the results.

free download:


01 This Is The First Track
02 Subversive Intentions - What does it mean to make a Revolution?
03 Lezet - From Bathroom Antics to Illumination
04 [GDMHZ80YRZO] - no elektricity...experimental {saterday evening...1035pm}
05 Salvo - difference&&repetition
06 Lost Trail - Gunmerica
07 Grimcrack - Rvltneoui 0001
08 Sasha Müller - Game over
09 Toxic Chicken - Bedroom Revolution
10 OS125 - March of The Los Budget OrKestra
11 Vlad Shegal - Autumn Revolution
12 Jason "Evil" Covelli - You Say You Want A Fucking Revolution
13 Otis Fodder - Boom Boom Boom
14 Der Domestizierte Mensch - Empty Streets
15 Doomettes - Ashes To Ashes
16 This Is The Last Track

For more information on Counting Clouds and its parent label, The Revolution Will Occur After Naptime, please visit revolutionafternaptime.com.

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