Sunday, February 23, 2014

V.A.-"Red Venice Muzak Compilation" released with RED VENICE RECORDS (UK)!!!

This compilation takes a snapshot of the experimental music worldwide and its sub genres today.

(free) download:

1.Undermindlimb & Kaotic Molly - Welcome My Sweet Victim 02:05
2.Uv Ursa Spr - Condom is not necessary if your boy friend has AIDS 12:41
3.PHANTASM NOCTURNES - Mutation Destruction 07:38
4.EVC - SxTxExP 02:06
5.Lezet - GRB 101225A 02:22
6.Deterioro Nervioso Irreversible - Deep in the valley in the trunk of an old car 02:36
7.Porraloka - andrúmsloftsins fyrir hávaða 03:25
8.Cleptomaniacos - Primavera Arabe 02:21
9.The Black Stools - As I Trample The Cross 04:50
10.Xtematic - Untitled 03:08
11.Violet Storm And The Filthy Hammers - Demon Brother 07:19
12.Hellth - Taint The Blood 06:13
13.Eisenlager - Traumlesen 05:34
14.NOISE DIGEST - I Love Everyone 00:41
15.unknown artist - you don't write, you don't call, you don't favourite my track on soundcloud 02:46
16.Naxt - Rise 11:05
17.Ade Hodges - 02:46
released 22 February 2014
tags: experimental harsh noise hnw industrial minimal sludgestep United Kingdom
all rights reserved

Red Venice Records specialise in creating ltd edition runs of CD-R/Cassette albums in alternate deluxe packaging. Releases by NOISE/HNW/POWER ELECTRONICS/Minimal are commonplace.

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