Friday, March 27, 2015

LEZET--2"-- released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (UK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driven by the idea that came from a song I did a while back, I wanted to simply make an EP of 2-second tracks , but it became so much more than that. This idea turned into a collection of 2-second tracks that could be looped and hopefully perceived as genuine microsongs that have a clear melodic or rhythmic centre. It so happened that the stems I made and used on these were given a whole new life by my friends who also happen to be extraordinary music-makers. They provided an entire collection of songs that way surpassed the core EP and made me realise once again that collaboration and exchange are the only real path to music exploration and growth / Igor Jovanovic, March 2015

you can listenl and download it here:

1.Lezet '2"' 13:38
2.Jaan Patterson 'Hacking Lezet's Brainstem' 04:20
3.Anthony Donovan 'Fist Show' 02:27
4.Mann Racket 'Fibonacci34' 02:12
5.Protecious 'The Neighborhood Vampire' 02:34
6.Dream Wiith Echo 'I'm trying to concentrate' 03:15
7.Djozr 'Two Seconds Of Organ' 05:59
8.Tom Hatcher 'Saint Suasa Mountain' 05:08
9.BroodingSideOfMadness 'Hume On Religion' 05:33
10.Ophed 'Waltz' 05:38
11.László Lenkes 'Impetus' 04:58

Jaan Patterson:
Anthony Donovan:
Mann Racket:
Dream With Echo :
Tom Hatcher:
Brooding SideOfMadness:
László Lenkes:
released 27 March 2015
tags: experimental free jazz improvisation modern classical musique concrete spoken word Northampton

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