Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Classwar Karaoke Solo Percussion Vol I
by Classwar Karaoke

an amazing compilation of classwar karaoke artists' solo percussion pieces!

1.Antonio de Braga 'Conversation With Drums no 10958 - 2013-12-02 15.46' 10:24
2.Chris Silver T 'About 4' 04:02
3.Daniel Heikalo 'Nuit d'Octobre et de Silence' 03:47
4.Jared C. Balogh 'Free Form Drum Jamm (August 3th, 2015)' 09:48
5.Lezet 'An Amateur Cast' 01:52
6.Michael Vick 'What-Of, Near' 04:25
7.MR E 'One Two Three Four one Two Three More One Two Three Bore Percussion Solo no more' 01:14
8.Peterson Ruiz a.k.a. ZIURMUZIK 'Oshalamar Batukistun' 01:00
9.S.E.T. 'rIVERSaNDrAIN' 05:48
10.Seesar 'The Night Music of Oakdeene' 06:00

listen and download here(help CWK's crowdfunder): https://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/album/classwar-karaoke-solo-percussion-vol-i


Lezet's contribution:


Antonio de Braga / Conversation With Drums no 10958 - 2013-12-02 15.46 / e-drums and mandala drums and little drones

Chris Silver T / About 4 / Chris Silver T: drums / nostockproject.wordpress.com

Daniel Heikalo / Nuit d'Octobre et de Silence / Live solo performance for prepared zithers and metal and wood objects

Jared C. Balogh / Free Form Drum Jamm (August 3rd, 2015) / www.alteredstateofmine.net / Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Lezet / is Igor Jovanovic / plastic bottles, tin can, rice

Michael Vick / What-Of, Near? / solo-percussionz / www.SoundAsMusic.com

Mr E / Ellis Hawkins at the drumset recorded during last V.A.G.U.E. meeting at the Jam Factory: 30-7-15 However in some sense it's now not so much a percussion solo after tinkering a little with duplicates of the recording and also because that's not my voice or drumsticks giving the 'counting lesson'...’

Peterson Ruiz a.k.a. ZIURMUZIK: Oshalamar Batukistun' is an overdub mix of my percussion on a 5-liter Van Leer PC7 water gallon. It was released on my CD-Rs: 'Vintesons' (2013) and on The 'Paranoia' Compilation (2012). Only 10 copies of each were made. Sound references: Muslimgauze / Peterson Ruiz is a sound and visual artist from Sorocaba, Brazil / email@petersonruiz.com.br / Discover more at: ziurmuzik.blogspot.com.br

Seesar / The Night Music of Oakdeene / This song is dedicated to Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. for his fantastic contributions to the body of Lovecraftian Mythos Fiction. Seesar is Will Connor performing on traditional percussion, homemade instruments, and household items. All music composed by Will Connor. Recorded by Will Connor and Kevin White at Formless Spawn Studios (London, UK) 2013. Mixed by Will Connor at Formless Spawn Studios (London, UK) 2013. Remixed and mastered by Will Connor at Formless Spawn Mobile Studios (Chlumec nad Cidlinou, CR) 2015. Thanks to Classwar Karaoke for inviting me to participate in their crowdfunding campaign!

S.E.T. / is Chris Smith

Artwork by Anthony Donovan
released 25 August 2015
tags: experimental free jazz improvisation modern classical musique concrete spoken word Northampton
some rights reserved

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