Monday, July 20, 2015

V.A.-"Classwar Karaoke Solo Guitars Vol II" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (UK)!!!

Classwar Karaoke Solo Guitars Vol II
by Classwar Karaoke

"the 44th album release for the CWK CD crowdfunder .... no less than Volume II of solo guitars, nine sparkling tracks from Neil McIntee, Neal D Retke, Michael Clough, Stefan Schmidt, Cousin Silas, Moshi Honen, Michael Vick,Igor Jovanovic and Ellis Hawkins. Like its predecessor, this is a lovely, diverse collection, displaying a range of approaches to the instrument."

1.[BOX] '150624.0005' 07:04
2.{AN} Eel 'That Jaw Dun' Broke My Roto-Scope ~!!' 03:37
3.Cousin Silas 'A New Home Offworld' 04:40
4.Lezet 'A Few Strings Attached' 04:05
5.Michael aTonal Vick ‘MayLaNo-SeMaNey’ 02:36
6.Michael Clough 'Thrum Quartet' 08:15
7.Moshi Honen 'Set free' 12:53
8.MR.E 'OtherSounds_FromAnElectricGuitar' 03:23
9.Stefan Schmidt 'El Oso Hormiguero' 05:57

stream and download:

Lezet's contribution:

about the tracks:
[BOX] '150624.0005' / Improvised live by [BOX] on messed up old Hondo II Strat copy ([BOX] guitar), BOSS GE-50 effects pedal into BOSS practice amp. Recorded in [BOX] studio on iPad in mono / [BOX] is Neil McIntee

{AN} Eel 'That Jaw Dun' Broke My Roto-Scope ~!!'

Cousin Silas 'A New Home Offworld'

Lezet 'A Few Strings Attached' / prepared acoustic guitar, paintbrushes

Michael aTonal Vick ‘MayLaNo-SeMaNey’ / Solo Fretless Guitar /

Michael Clough 'Thrum Quartet' / Michael Clough is ex bassplayer of experimental/prog/kraut/space/improv-rock band Rancid Poultry, also bothering mini-disc players in sound-exploring trio Klunk, and now producing analogue stretched-acoustics (mainly) under own name.

Moshi Honen 'Set free' / Moshi Honen is a London based guitarist, improviser, composer and instrument builder. Playing an amplified acoustic guitar, self made electronic devices and objects. Regularly collaborates with Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Alan Wilkinson, Sharon Gal and many others. On this recording I was playing an old nylon string guitar. It is one of a few pieces I've made for this type of guitar which I rarely play. There is a personal connection here to my Spanish ancestry but it is more imaginary then concrete / /

MR.E 'OtherSounds_FromAnElectricGuitar' / ME.E is Ellis Hawkins

Stefan Schmidt: 'El Oso Hormiguero' / an improvisation with classical guitar and electronics /

Artwork by Anthony Donovan

released 19 July 2015

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