Sunday, January 24, 2016

V.A.-"Cantabile" released with BUDDHIST ON FIRE (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a voice/spoken word compilation project curated by Igor Jovanovic released with BUDDHIST ON FIRE: with cover art by Alen Ilijic (title of the original drawing:"Stellar Refugee")

Participants were asked to take any kind of written text (in an existing ,fake,extinct or programming language, be it a piece of prose, poetry, fragment of news,broadcast script,recipe,instruction manual,notification,announcement,numerical text, or any kind of text or string of words or grouped syllables) and sing it, or read the text to a suitable musical accompaniment

free download:

the music makes involved:
Lob Instagon:
Alen Ilijic:
Collezionisti di Emozioni:
Hectic Head:
Dr. NoiseM:
Jared C. Balogh:
{AN} EeL:
nobodisoundz =
Mean Flow :
Junk Poet:
Orgon Solo:
Victor Alzina:

thank you so much for taking part, my dear friends!

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