Friday, March 16, 2018

DAKO LOOP ORCHESTRA & LEZET -'Noise Band in My Garden' released with ETCHED TRAUMAS (Greece)!!!!!!!!!!!

I am truly honoured to be on a split with the amazing Darko Jovanovic, an experimental /jazz /open-minded musician and music maker from Serbia. Originally of TRIPCYCLE fame,he now plays in DAKO LOOP ORCHESTRA, BLOOM and AUDIO ODELA (AUDIO SUITS) .

"We are so happy to release 'Noise Band in My Garden' by Dako Loop Orchestra and Lezet.
Lezet introduces a true music hero ,the inimitable Darko Jovanovic, to the Etched Traumas community, by means of a split/collab "why the dance rhythm? l definitely live in the loop, and I do things the way I should." "

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ET122 An Etched Traumas release March 2018

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