Wednesday, October 31, 2018

V.A.-"Free Candy Halloween Compilation 2018" out on Skiestfunk (Germany)!!!!!!

First compilation on SIKESTFU(N)K - this is awesome! Much love to all the amazing artists who made this happen! Contains booklet and infos. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ??????
Dave Fuglewicz ,DJ Dry Bones ,Mean Flow ,Daywand ,Protecious ,The Hentai Noise Experiments ,Yaka-anima,ZUMAIA ,Lord Cernunnos ,Wirephobia , Dr. NoiseM ,{AN} EeL ,Reverend Spo0ky ,Chainsawfallingintoplace ,Lezet ,Peristalsis ,YANN PILLAS

Lezet's contribution

released October 31, 2018 license
all rights reserved
experimental ambient atmospheric drone experimental halloween harsh noise horror noise synth wave Berlin

SIKESTFU(N)K- Weblabel from Berlin.- Created by Reverend Spo0ky on 2016/01/16.- Intended to release all kinds of experimental, noisy, creepy & funky shit from allover the world.- All releases 4 free

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