Wednesday, October 3, 2018

V.A.-"Noise Essentials Volume 2" released with FUSILERO FAL 55379 B12 IMBABURA RECORDS (Ecuador)!

If the rest of the world is still foreign to your ears, makes you essential noise vol 2, with special collaboration and gratitude of all the artists who participated in the compilation.

Hari Hardman ,KHAN ,Problem Anderer Leute,Lezet ,Afrycans boys ,FIRIFIFI ,Chifa peruano ,David Nadeau ,53704 ,Dormir_dans_la_chambre_froide___-_ ,I,eternal ,Ghostskull ,Ihateyourguts ,Mean Flow ,Janusz Brudniewicz ,SpecImEn ,E13 ,Maggot Bath ,{AN} EeL ,Saint De L'Abime ,Afrycans boys ,MUWN ,Mal aliento ,Tio pedro


Lezet's contribution:

released October 3, 2018
Fusilero Fal 55379 B12 Imbabura Records, Ecuador
all rights reserved

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