Sunday, December 4, 2011

M​.​NOMIZED's - "Minimal Stories - The Remixes Collection" released with FRACTION STUDIOS (France)!!!!!!

a collection of M.NOMIZED "Minimal Stories" tracks' remixes done by various artists
1.Toxic Waste - remixed by Eric Maigret 05:16
2.Big Crash (oldskull mix) - remixed by Usher 05:04
3.Brain Bug - remixed by Anixas 03:46
4.Interlaced - remixed by Jack Hertz 04:38
5.Hand Sin The Air (hsta-skizoremix) - remixed by Sonore Fiction 04:40
6.Brain Bug (electronic brain mix) - remixed by Wehwalt 07:22
7.Big Crash - remixed by Kadaverik 04:59
8.Wizard - remixed by Synapsis 03:44
9.Burn The Clock - remixed by Audios3x 04:08
10.Interlaced (hypnotic remix) - remixed by Flying Species 05:12
11.Eclipse (load of ole wank mix) - remixed by Ethnomite Pux 06:52
12.Line Of Coke - remixed by The Implicit Order 06:48
13.The Wind Up - remixed by cR-teK 03:46
14.Interlaced - remixed by Obozdur 03:53
15.Think (uncontrolled sick thoughts version) - remixed by In Aeternam Vale 08:15
16.Anabolic (overdose mix) - remixed by Ars Sonor 05:21
17.Hand Sin The Air (a shaky medley remix) - remixed by Lezet 02:21

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M.NOMIZED: Electronics, Programming, Sampler, Treatments, Reversed Sounds, Loops, Analog Synthesizers.
Music composed and played by M.Nomized.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fraction Studio.

Digital arts by Karl-Peter Merz (Germany).
All digital arts remixed by M.Nomized.

Video " The Wind Up " by César Naves
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All rights reserved.
Produced by Fraction Studio (France).
released 25 September 2011
tags: ambient electronic experimental minimalist Melun
All rights reserved

- M.Nomized, born in Paris in 1956. Musician, composer, author, singer, poet and graphic designer, he started 75 with contemporary music and sound research.

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