Sunday, December 4, 2011

V.A.-"Survey0016" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (England)!!!!!!!!!!

Classwar Karaoke's "survey0016" is out!
0016 survey / 30th November 2011
Anthony Donovan ,Clive Graham,Ian Linter,John Hyatt,BBBlood,Bob Ostertag,Bonnie MacAllister,Victor Thompson,Bunfly,Cagey House,Carlos Ramirez,Chevo Légé,Chris Lynn,Cloud Cloud,Clutter,Crank Sturgeon,Daniel Thompson and Matt Chilton,Matt Chilton (aka Astromertia),EHEIM 1000.220,Elizabeth Veldon,GX Jupitter-Larsen,Jamison Williams,Jared C. Balogh,Jeff Gburek with Chester Szmiada,John Hyatt and David Moss,Jo Pearson,Jurica Jelic,Justin Wiggan,Kalistongue,Kawol and Lezet,Letoh,M4SK 22,MaCu,Mathieu Gaborit and Malik Nejmi,Mic'Torn and Anton Mobin,Murmurists,One True Dog,OU_pi Golgotha.undead,Øystein Jørgensen,Pablo Ribot,Paddy Steer,Painburn,PAS,Pete Karkut,Pixyblink,Qkcfose,Richard Knight and Noise Research,Richard Lainhart,Ronny Wærnes,Ross Ackerman,Ruela Pinho,Seesar and Sonic Pleasure,Sound Inhaler,Stalktos,Stormhat,Thanato Twist with Oleg's Sound System,The Thud Experiment,the.clinamen,Thierry Massard,Thomas Fernier,Torturing Nurse,Tvlasunor,Vultures Quartet,Xenoglossy and Transwitkacy,X-NAVI.ET,Zilmrah,Zreen Toyz

free streaming and download:

Kawol and Lezet's contribution here:

0016 survey in a choice of formats:



The eleven short-films of 0016 survey here:

classwar karaoke is a collective and netlabel operated by Adrian Beetjes, Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson. Formed in 2008, it releases quarterly surveys of music, soundart and short-films by artists from all over the world, under a creative commons license. If you are interested in taking part, mail us direct

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