Wednesday, March 19, 2014

V.A.-"Balkan Under The Radar vol. 2: The Black Wave" released with BLACK PLANET RECORDS(Serbia)!!!!!!!!!!!

We are proud to present you second yearly compilation Balkan Under the radar vol 2.!

Compilation Balkan Under The Radar vol. 2: The Black Wave has had a goal of discovering new interesting names, mainly from Serbia, but also from other former Yugoslav republics, with our residents and friends, of course. We wanted to expand our family! The most important thing is that we’ve shown there are a lot of talented people in the region, with completely different views of the world. We have also made many collaborations and new friendships. Another goal was to blend together 2 alternative currents that are often divided: bands (live) and electronic (producers), because we believe music knows no limits or boundaries and for a smart man, even mosquito is music. We managed to gather around artists from all over ex-Yugoslavia! As far as genres are concerned, the compilation is very diverse. Most of the songs are exclusively made for this compilation, and none of them were previously published. We give you this compilation for free, and in return you can share it with your friends. . This year it was supported by 3 emminent musicians, Nikola Vranjkovic, Goribor and Mizar, big thanks to them for helping establish our wave.

free download:

1.STYPTIC - Symmetry 04:23
2.theSCARPS - Da nisam voleo (feat. Vladimir Popović) 03:06
3.NIKOLA VRANJKOVIĆ - Plovni put feat. Milorad Miki Ristić (Darkwood Dub) 05:50
4.VELIBOR NIKOLIĆ - Raslojavanje 05:51
5.ANA ĆURČIN - Silence 02:39
6.MIZAR - Nebo 04:40
7.BIG BUG - Undone 05:50
8.ČISTILIŠTE - Crno-bele ploče 04:17
9.G. - Bikers Like Me 04:52
10.FIGURATIVE THEATRE and L ö W - IsNpNaEcRe 12:30
11.NEBO JE CRVENO - Kad bi me iz pakla pozvala 03:16
12.GORIBOR - Afro (Live in Dubrovnik) 06:49
13.PONOĆNI VODENIČAR feat. Tamara Ristić - Shout 04:54
14.DBAU - System 03:12
15.PLAVO - Dok postoje šume postojaće ljudi 08:13
16.DICHOTOMY ENGINE - Butterfly Tsunami 04:34
17.THE SIXTH CATHARSIS - Oceanscent 07:41
18.ШЕРЕТ БЛЕЈЗЕР MICRO DRIVER - Postmoderna 03:38
19.PLASTIC SUNDAY - No Tomorrow 03:43
20.OWL OXIDANT - Riding In My 1950s Sedanette 06:21
21.IVEZA and ELEMENTS - Always Broken 03:06
22.ANNE MARIE - Da li znaš? 03:18
23.ŽEN - Iskrenost je posebna (Andrea Giordani Remix) 06:44
24.ALEXANDER CROW - I Give You All 07:30
25.MONAMIE - Static 04:36
26.maD - Raztec 05:30
27.CLAYMORE - Vražja mater 05:36
28.GRAVITY OF LIGHT - Chasing Shadows 02:53
29.C L VRS feat. Markiza - Fuck ~ 8 ~free 03:48
30.CROCODILE TEARS feat. Zoranaism - Poruka s početka vremena 03:52
31.ALEN ILIJIĆ - My Suspicious Look 07:56
32.alg0rh1tm - Delirium 07:24
33.NJUŠKAČI JABUKA - Nepalski cirkus 04:01
34.mangulicaFM & NASTROM feat. LENHART TAPES - Srce moje 05:07
35.CPTOVI - Odnos - Kosmos 03:33
36.LEZET - Proslava Nove Godine 01:17
37.THIRD I - Insomnia Of Industrial Men 04:25
39.PETAR ALARGIĆ - Bleeding Black Old Sun (arterial) 08:44

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