Friday, July 10, 2015

Jaan Patterson- "Ergo Protagonists" released with SURRISM PHONOETHICS (Germany)!!!!!

Jaan Patterson, the inimitable experimental music maker , released an album of duo collaborations with 37 artists around the world.The purpose of releasing it, besides exposing potential listeners to a number of great tracks and artists, is fundraising for Surrism Phonoethics and Classwar Karaoke labels. For a price of €1 you get to help two of the most important experimental underground (net)labels in existance today.

featured collaborators:
J. Karl Bogartte, Leif Elggren, AG Davis, Seiei Jack, Jeremy Gluck, Herr Penschuck, Vziel, Clutter, John M. Bennett, Darius Greene, ION, Anthony Donovan, Runar Magnusson, Dada AG, Jochen Arbeit, Vania Rovisco, The Implicit Order, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Otto von Rhinau, Erick Diego, Hopek Quirin, suRRism, Acedia Nuit, Jurica Jelic, John Hyatt, Anton Mobin, Patrizio Pica, Lezet, Travis Johnson, William Davison, The Recordists, S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher, L. Feesey, Binary Slim, John Juan, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, MaCu, Alessandra Celletti.

you can listen to the album and download it here:

1.Woman of the Rain (feat. J. Karl Bogartte) 01:46
2.Centered Envelope Red (feat. Leif Elggren) 01:04
3.Lye abroad, to many sang (feat. AG Davis) 05:42
4.Sexfish (feat. Seiei Jack & Jeremy Gluck) 01:04
5.Forgus Temper Sinks Retired 12:12
6.Amtsumleitungen (feat. Herr Penschuck) 01:04
7.How About the Stars (feat. Vziel) 01:04
8.Including Time (feat. Clutter) 01:04
9.The Stool (feat. John M. Bennett) 04:47
10.Behind Closed Doors (feat. Darius Greene) 01:04
11.So viel Natur (feat. ION) 01:04
12.Genome Chomsky (pt I) (feat. Anthony Donovan) 10:00
13.The Crying Cowboy (feat. Runar Magnusson) 01:04
14.OI (feat. Dada AG) 01:04
15.The Principles of Grey 02:53
16.Die Geste (feat. Jochen Arbeit & Vania Rovisco) 01:04
17.Steven's Glasses (feat. The Implicit Order) 01:04
18.Brain Fried (feat. Bryan Lewis Saunders) 01:04
19.Chateau Subtelabor (feat. Otto von Rhinau) 01:04
20.Eclipse of the Words (feat. Erick Diego) 01:04
21.Lautus (feat. Anthony Donovan & Hopek Quirin) 01:04
22.Darundada Sys (feat. Acedia Nuit) 03:32
23.Service Card (feat. Jurica Jelic) 01:04
24.Destroyer (feat. John Hyatt) 02:42
25.Plenty of Not (feat. Hopek Quirin) 01:04
26.Die Jahre Licht Mal Drei 03:23
27.Syringes Feast in four Parts (feat. Anton Mobin & Patrizio Pica) 04:00
28.Alphabet der Vorwürfe (feat. Anthony Donovan) 09:43
29.The Unfiled 6b (feat. Lezet) 01:04
30.I mean not am! (Since Wave) (feat. Travis Johnson) 05:36
31.Subterranean Clamor (feat. William Davison) 01:04
32.Fragment des Schlaf-Wach Zustandes (feat. Alessandra Celletti) 01:04
33.Apicius Verfolger (feat. MaCu) 06:50
34.Tilt (feat. Yoshihiro Kikuchi) 01:04
35.Grimaces & Other Useful Techniques (feat. Binary Slim & John Juan) 01:04
36.Realm of Gestures (feat. William Davison (with S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher, L. Feesey) 03:12
37.Victim of Dreams (feat. Jeremy Gluck) 01:04

released 02 July 2015

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