Sunday, April 10, 2016

SRVTR & LEZET - "The Bells EP" released!!!!!!

After having done a split released through the wonderful YUCA TAPES (Puerto Rico), SRVTR & LEZET decided to make both a collaborative EP and LP of fresh new tracks.
The EP is in front of you, and the LP is coming in a few days.

the EP:

released April 3, 2016
tags: electronic ambient dark industrial noise techno France
all rights reserved
coverart by : Gildas Brugaro

"In 2013, gildas brugaro began to only mix his own tracks under the name SRVTR (servator) to keep on the observatör work. his palette goes to ambient/noise & industrial downbeat to a dark techno. many aka or collaborations (the messenger, bunker palace, dark engineer…)"(SRVTR's bandcamp)

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