Friday, April 22, 2016

V.A. - "Droid-Tunes Sonic Sickness 2016" released with DROID-TUNES (USA)!!!!

VA - Droid-Tunes Sonic Sickness 2016
by VA

Yearly compilation album from Droid-Tunes. Thanks to the many artists who contributed this year! Means a lot and I won't forget it! -Mike

Track 4 & 5 originally released in 1999 as "Music To Listen To When You're Dead" on Jazzassin Records. Tracks 11, 17 & 22 from the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

Featured artists: Anus Presley, Oral vs Anal Murder, Foltergeist , Dr.NoiseM, Infinity of 6, Mean Flow, Mike D'Amato,Meat Blinder, Dirty Purity, Deep Thraot Choker, Ravemala Kohage, Power Skeleton, Circle of Shit, Untitled Climax, Emo Piss Pen, Transformer Sex, Infernal Empty, Lackthrow, Internal Empty, Zumaia, Hippy Laser Beams, Isufferable, Lezet, Saint De L Abime, Event Horizon, M.Nomized, SRVTR, THE BARE,Adarcah, Otaku Molester, Dissecting Men.

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Published April 20, 2016
Topics Harsh noise, Experimental, Ambient, Drone, Avant-garde, Industrial, Electronic, Rock, Techno, Progressive, Other

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