Monday, April 25, 2016

V.A.-"MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER" released with DOWHATTHOUWILT (Greece)!!!!!!!!

"This is a compilation of 32 bands, over 3 hours duration

in Style Dark Ambient, Expiremental, Neofolk, Cinematographic Ambient, Noise, Neoclassical, etc ..

Songs associated with H. R. Giger and his art and recorded
for this purpose by the bands.

Besides the download of the cover the download of the back cover and an insert with comments about H. R. Giger from the bands is provided."

1.Beyond Life - Murder
2.Anuskabinett - Macht & Ohnmacht
3.BSIS (Black Snow In Summer) - Doubtful
4.DeepDark - Aliens
5.Austras Laiwan - De Avibus Et Conchis
6.Celestial Coordinate System - Alien Landscapes
7.Matija Malatestinic - Behind
8.Oneirich - Giger's Spell
9.Vlimmer - Silberrevolution
10.Zatan - Power and Powerlessness
11. The Illusion Of Silence (TIOS) - The White Summer
12.The Null Spectre - Mnemonic Plague
13.Josef Nadek - Of Fairlec And Spines
14.Zumaia - Execution
15.St. Atom Heart - Das Haus von Hans Rudolf Giger
16.Phantasm Nocturnes - Astro Eunuchs
17.Filament - The Lost Cosmonaut
18.Northwind - Saturnus Luna
19.Lezet - Jodorowsky's Spice
20.Mean Flow - Raspy Howl
21.M.Nomized - Biomechanic Land
22.Farmacia - Oveja Negra
23.Res B - It All Happened In A Bay Of Panthalassa
24.Rauppwar - The Ritual
25.Nobodisoundz - Shore Waves
26.No Way Out - Biomecanique
27.Tiphareth - Metatron (The Voice of God)
28.ASHTORETH - Channeling Misantronics -The Homonymy
29.Buttfromagun - Acryl Auf Papier
30.Bonechurch - Giger City I
31.Grodock - Dephts
32.Dr. NoiseM - Ephedrin

free download:

Lezet's contribution:

Mastered and edited by "Do What Thou Wilt Records".
DWTW 001
Released at 25 Apirl 2016

youtube presentation of the compilation:

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