Monday, March 27, 2017

RAZABRI & LEZET - "Electric Saw & Other Tales" released on MURMURE INTEMPOREL (France) today!

"The formation of this collection of sound pieces began with the piling up of arbitrary objects in a table drawer, which led to the making of a simple single coil pickup; it was just a small ceramic magnet of unknown origin and a copper wire taken out of an old telephone – this was the only recording device used on this album.
Recording inside a small magnetic field required objects that are made of any kind of ferromagnetic material that could, in broad terms, vibrate. The above mentioned drawer offered a thin modelling saw fixed on a metal frame which becomes the main instrument during the recordings. Other random objects came later, and were chosen by their sonic qualities.

The collection was made entirely by Uroš Pajić (Razabri) and Igor Jovanović (Lezet), the former working as a recordist, and the latter as a sound editor.
The collaboration captures an hermetic, yet warm collection of soundscapes, recorded without presence of air, yet alive.
Running a risk of sounding too predictable, one could say that this collection portrays the secret life of small metal objects." (Uros Pajic)

you can download it here:

FLAC here:

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Published March 27, 2017
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