Friday, June 1, 2007

-“Clinical Sounds vol1“ compilation (Feb2007)- released with “Clinical Archives“, an experimental label from Moscow, Russian Federation; featuring the previously released track by Lezet “El Ave Fea“.
Date: 2007-02-26
Run time: 260:40
Keywords: illogical, eclectic, noise, abstract, free improvisation, dark ambient, ambient, industrial, electronica, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, psychedelic, psy-trance, soundscape, sound art, strange, clinical, other

«Clinical experience, and also carried out practical researches show, that simultaneous use of two hearing aids allows to distinguish more precisely sounds and, that is especially important, better to understand speech even to people with serious loss of hearing of one ear and full deafness of another...»
(from «Binaural prosthetics»)

* This citation has no attitude to the given compilation.

CD 4

Noiz + Zilenth-inzane
Kuxaan-sum - Blizzarine Sundry
Musica-Ex-Machina - Ode To Eternity
Liquid Signal Distortion & Nihilist Tantrum - Tender Denial
Luminous - You Know What I Want
Wolfman Amadeus Mozart - Optimism Is A Treatable Disease
Brainquake - 360-Awareness
Urbanisation Obscure - Tracking Down The Consumer
Lezet - El Ave Fea
Narcosa - Todesspritze
Djet - Eleventh Tablet
Loafeye - March On And Sea

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