Saturday, June 16, 2007

"ANNOYANCE" EP released with SCHNURSTRAX recs (Luxembourg)

Lezet released an EP entitled "Annoyance" with SCHNURSTRAX Records, experimental music label and art/media platform from Luxembourg."Annoyance" is comprised of 8 tracks (Annoyance 1-8) a lot different from tracks from Lezet's previous releases.The 8 track is the amalgamation of 2 preludes by Sergei Rachmaninov:
"Prelude No.12 in c major op.32 No.1" and "Prelude No.13 in b flat minor op.32 No.2".
You can download this free download release at:

release date:June 16th,2007
cover art by: Igor Jovanovic
Schnurstrax Records 2007

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admin said...

very nice work,,,,Annoyance 1 is perfect