Friday, June 1, 2007

new free download EP"Performance is Inherently Unlikely" released with"Abdicate Cell" (Norway)

Lezet- “Performance is inherently unlikely“EP (March29,2007), released with “Abdicate Cell“(Norway), link to free download ,
and . A limited edition of cd-r copies will soon be available at the label's site

"Performance is inherently unlikely" speaks of Lezet's duel with his computer.The machine is here coerced into becoming a collaborator rather than a tool. The structures, piano-led or growing out of ambient-noise pretext, strive to open a dialogue within individual tracks. The results are presented herein.

01.let them eat static
02.durkah durkah durkah
03.claptrap 3
04.funky ointment
06.claptrap 3 goo as it gets
08.claptrap 4
09.the soil loved me back
10.claptrap 5 (the computer take)

artwork by :Vojislav Nedeljkovic

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