Friday, June 1, 2007

v.a.-digital biotope showcase @weerwaves

VRWM003-Digitalbiotope Showcase (mart2007)- Greek label VEERWAVES MUSIC made a “Digital Biotope“ showcase compilation featuring 3 “Lezet+Throuroof“ tracks off their “Lezet Throuroof“ album.
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_VRWM003] digitalbiotope showcase
An old friend of mine reminded me lately of some unfinished project we had, and quickly after that, the idea of introducing his netlabel to veerwaves visitors struck me; digitalbiotope is an independent uncompromising platform dedicated to promotion of improvised and experimental music. The philosophy of it's founders welcomes and encourages the collaboration between artists, and the most extremely different styles are released. Mainly, as stated on the start page focus is given to improvisation, electro-acoustic, experimental electronica, contemporary audio and the inclusion of some videos makes the whole thing even more interesting. The mixtape i made for digitalbiotope is a showcase demonstrating extreme sound design techniques with musical content which builds and keeps the listener under some kind of electrical intensity. I don't like describing music (and generally art) with words, i'm not so good with them. Just grab the mix and explore new territory :) total time : 1:23' 115M ^ netlabelhost Playlist:
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01 #000099 yoursck//estd82 analogique coleurs
02 Icon sascha mueller icon
03 Anomalie drone decorum
04 Ono za ovo lezet throuroof
05 Lorotamolatrapano lezet throuroof
06 Distortion serocell clipped
07 Scrumple serocell clipped
08 #ff99ff yoursck//est.82 analogique coleurs
09 Emanon sascha mueller icon
10 Fraulein drone decorum
11 Merry lezet throuroof
12 Drone+Serocell mikrosopht+serocell+drone 18 improvisations
13 Drone+Serocell+Mikrosopht mikrosopht+serocell+drone 18 improvisations
14 Dub serocell clipped
15 Kino drone decorum
16 Contact drone decorum
17 La flaque aux chiens drone+rodolphe gissinger la flaque aux chiens
18 #000000 yoursck//est.82 analogique coleurs

vrwm003-2007 digitalbiotope showcase , compiled by veerwaves music-dimitrisd, all tracks provided by db _
Creative Commons License This work is published under a Creative Commons License . DIMITRIS DIAVATIS SITE-MAP vw^x

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