Friday, June 1, 2007

"Ten Seconds Compilation" released with KIF Recording (Poland)!!!

TEN SECONDS COMPILATION- Limited Edition 20 copies _$5
.#_kif01 kifrecording -Ten Seconds Compilation (April28th,2007)
on this album you might find stuff like; multicolored noise MCD-R compilation produced and released by "Keep It Frozen"(experimental music label from USA), an experimental,
58 tracks 9:53 minutes plus 9:12 minutes remix by ANIMAL MACHINE and CYGORE.The compilation features works by Sabae,AATMAA ,Aesthetic Meat Front ,Anal Oder Nicht Sein , Lodemidiquail ,Djet, Exmachine,Implore, Animosity, Lezet, Plankopie, Wolf 107, Xm2901cw, Barkona Rova,Nanohex,, M.Pervere, Man Invented Airplanes Just to Get High,Uncle Mum, False Mirror,Krak,Eraritjaritjaka, Throuroof, Ronny Waernes, Bjorn Eriksson, Munkkrach, Napalmed,Rotted Brain, (B)Ananartista Orgasmo Sbuff,Fossil, Camisole,Kenji Siratori, Frostwinter,Cygore,Organ Morgan, Toxucum Aestus, Uta Jan,Darph Nader, Avi, Broken Diode, Liquid Signal Distrortion, Environmental Testing Device... / Limited Edition .

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