Friday, June 1, 2007

VA-DO YOU EVER DREAM released with B&RRecords(USA)

vol.1 B&R Records compilation „Do you ever dream?“(Jan 2007)- a compilation featuring a previously released Lezet track “You Crybaby“ released with “B&R Records“, a US experimental net-label , available for free download at
Do You Ever Dream?
compilation series: volume one

1. Big City Orchestra "Point to be Made"
2. Sharza Harza "Cemetary Bugs"
3. Ligand "Enmeshed"
4. Haggari Nakashe "Cable Movements"
5. Torstein Wjiik "Circle"
6. Swamps Up Nostrils "Terrorganism"
7. Shota Kola "Shibolet Shoal"
8. Mystified "Space Weather"
9. Aboolele "Keep Your Left Ear Wet
and Your Right Protected"
11. darph/nadeR "Peppermint"
12. T Syndrome "Kazev2"
13. LEZET "You Crybaby"
14. AATMAA "Brain Scan"
15. Velvet Narcosis "Swallow the Knife"
16. Shrew Florist "Mega-Mess-Up"
17. Aboolele vs. Gaop "Pirates"
18. Reverend Mofo "Morning Range"

all songs by the respective artists,
used here with permission.

released by B&R Records - 1/2007

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