Friday, May 25, 2018

V.A.-A HAKA FOR GLENN BRANCA released with panpanpanaviandistresscall (Canada) !!!!!!

V.A.-A HAKA FOR GLENN BRANCA, a tribute album to commemorate the passage of the great, late Glenn Branca - Featuring the sounds of -

Wilfried Hanrath, argonauts vs. kajillions, Pendro, Lezet, Yann Pillas, David Nadeau, j̶o̶z̶e̶f̶a̶l̶e̶k̶s̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶p̶e̶dr̶o̶-, Airworld, , The Oneiirologist, M.Nomized, Anthony Osborne, Frank Audiffret, Brandsifter, Glenn Sogge, Hari Hardman, Awkward Gigaku, Mean Flow, Ben Presto, Kurt Newman / {AN} EeL,

It's incredible how emotional and intense this tribute is, given the international nature of this compilation. It seems that Branca's music influenced many more people than I thought it did
Cover Art Credit: T. Renner


Lezet's contribution:

"When I heard the news of Glenn Branca's passing, I was literally in tears from watching beautiful HAKAS - It seemed appropriate to commemorate his passing in some fashion, and the tile " A HAKA FOR GLENN BRANCA " sprang to mind. This is intended in a respectful sense, to mark a significant cultural event. No disrespect to Polynesian Culture or Glenn Branca intended, it's just a good tile to signify the power of an artist & an art form. (Neil Retke)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

V.A.-"Songs About Elephants" is out on GEISHA SUN COOKIES (UK)!!!!

V.A.-"Songs About Elephants" is out on Geisha Sun Cookies (UK) with tracks from:
Saint De L'Abime ,Hari Hardman ,Acrid Lemon Pasrah ,I,Eternal ,53704 ,Specimen ,Unruly ,Lord Cernunnos ,Jacob Levesque ,Lezet ,Peter Because ,Mean Flow ,Painful Defecation​ ,MUWN,Dancehall Neil ,Awkward Geisha ,{RE}:tkus ,Yann Pillas ,Wiht ,Indead ,Sea of Aland ,Carcinogenic Dreams


Lezet's contribution:


Thanks to Elephant People.

Power to the People.

The Geisha is Beautiful.

**Cover Art By: Track 12 Person**
released May 15, 2018 license
all rights reserved
experimental free improvisation free jazz noise

Friday, May 4, 2018

V.A.-"Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 2" out on Paracelsian Records (Canada) !!!!!!

The first Noise only Compilation from Paracelsian Records , with the theme Radio Interference , people have either recorded stuff using radios or made sounds to imitate Radio noise.

Also part of the concept for the mastering process of this compilation all songs have been re-recorded through an old Hitachi radio. Using vintage consoles , microphones and effect devices to enhance the sound.

The Compilation features 40 songs total from people all over the world , split into 2 parts called "Episodes".

EPISODE 2 features Painful Defecation ,Daniel Pico ,Seeget ,Uruly ,Dystopian Vomit Cop ,Hari Hardman ,I, Eternal ,{AN} Eel ,Dilaudnumb ,Der Smogwürger ,BLOOM ,PHOD HT ,Problem Anderer Leute ,Abishai ,Headcleaner ,Lord Cernunnos ,Lezet ,Noiseoftherose ,Sweet Dreams ,Karnivulgar


Lezet's contribution (what is heard on shortwave radio in Serbia):

released May 4, 2018

All songs by their respective Artists

Audio Degradation process & Mastering by Paracelsian Records
all rights reserved

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

V.A.-"The Exobiological Sound Artists Series Vol. 1" released with panpanpanaviandistresscall (Canada) !!!

The Exobiological Sound Artists Series Vol. 1 - Featuring the cosmically channeled sounds of -
Qckfose, Wilfried Hanrath, Zumia Zu, Lezet, Yaka-anima, David Nadeau, Mean Flow, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Alwin Van Der Linde, Union Furnace, Project Wabi, Splendid Obsolescence, NMTArts, Tin Can Luminary, Frank Audiffret, SCHTUMMM, Tin Can Luminary, Saint De L’Abime, Yoga Permana Vaswani, Yann Pillas, The Psycho Paranoid Flower Power Electro Shit Song Company, Pendro, Gordon Way, {AN} EeL

Featuring ALIEN Images by -

Volodymyr Bilyk - ( )
Seth Kallen Deitch - ( )
Andrew Goldfarb - ( )
Tom Carey - ( )
Richard Cranor - ( )
Dennis Worden - ( )
The PSYCHO PARANOID FLOWER POWER ELECTRO SHIT SONG COMPANY - ( ................................((Redacted)).......................... )
{AN} EeL - ( )


Lezet's contribution inspired by the Starleaf movie:

Cover Image = Cary Loren - ( )
released May 1, 2018
Some Rights reserved, Creative Commons, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NOMA-NOMA is out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOMA is an artistic project and association built around Allessandra Lagana's artistic and life challenges

Productions include:
A creative challenge to Life. The narration in first person of a survivor of one the most devastating female illnesses who, when informed she has a cancer, decides to turn this tough experience into an artistic ensemble project.

NOMA Music
13 Musicians, 1 Sound Track, 8 Songs, 2 Sonic Dreams. Composed, played and recorded during the NOMA-dic journey made by Alessandra and Tommaso AKA Plot Noir.


Lyrics and Voice
Guitars, Synth, Looping
Drum and Percussion
Voice, FX, Flute
Visual Art and Cordofono
E.Guitar and E.Viola
Musical Saw
double bass

A journal describing a year of life between surgery, convalescence, therapies and Music. The story of the stages of this journey. The narration of the creative process.

S.O.M.A. The Association next project: Operational Space for Music and Art.
“Promoting the good impact of Music and Art on people suffering from cancer within a dedicated Space”.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

V.A.-"Master of the Game" released by Gimp Gash (USA)!!!!

a various artists compilation inspired by video games and compilaed by the great Gimp Gash

artists featured on the compilation:
Vaginal Pentagram,? ,Azargled ,Bergegas Mati , Billion Needles ,EDDIEXMURPHY ,Lezet ,Awkward Geisha ,mhzesent ,TEVARBULEBRA ,YANN PILLAS ,Wiht Rasalasad ,Harsh Noise Movement ,Gimp Gash


Lezet's contribution inspired by the legendary Led Storm game and Tim Follin:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

V.A.- "Exhibition" released with SUBMARINE BROADCASTING COMPANY (UK)!!!!

Exhibition is a compilation of new music, split into three strands: Red, Green and Blue, where Red is the most experimental and Blue the most accessible.

the green volume features: ikjoyce ,Earthborn Visions ,Icy Rainbows ,Mean Flow ,3SBAT ,Cousin Silas ,Raas ,Lezet ,Peri Esvultras ,Ryliss ,Tim Kays

All proceeds from Exhibition sales will go to the Shaw Mind Foundation international mental health charity.

The GREEN volume with Lezet on:

Lezet's contribution:

released April 11, 2018

Cover art by the Glove of Bones.
all rights reserved

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

V.A.-"SPIRARE" released with BREATHE COMPILATIONS (Mexico) !!!!

Topics- ambient, electronic, downtempo, mindscape, IDM, song

Spirare, latin root of the spanish words for breathe, exhale, inhale, sigh, perspire, expire, spirit. We are all beings that breathe the same air, invisible and intangible, the breath is what keeps us alive at all times. Our moods varies like the wind, but all they are expressions of our inner self, the language of the air. Spirare is our special final compilation to celebrate the music, the meetings and the end of Breathe as netlabel.

Featuring aAirial, DDO, Esoteric Sob, Nick R 61, Nulix feat. SLUG9, AxBx, Triangular, buildings in motion, Ohuican, Capisconne, Ray Garrido, Julia Gregory, Theo Nugraha, Lezet, In Vitro, Night Note, DRFCT, El Wud, unaporte, yosoyunotrotú, Doublereflect, STREPITVSITVS, Música para Khaos, Ivan Black, P è n i n ș o l a r with Marco Lucchi, Vate, mrscientificterms & Bicho Raro, Igan, Twin Peetz.

release page:

free download:

Compilation by Quetzal Contla
Artwork by Boga Studio
V.A. - Spirare [brh18]
Compiled by Quetzal Contla
Published by Breathe Compilations
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License
Mexico, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018



featuring: Noise research Institute ,Der Smogwürger ,Uruly,The Dead Yesterdays,Specimen ,Adeptus Mechanicus ,NInja McTits ,TNT,Seeget ,53704 ,Lord Cernunnos ,Steven Van Horny ,Hangar 117 ,Lezet ,Weasel Walter Closet,IX ,GoDie Project,Eisenlager ,Echo Lightwave Unspeakable , noiseoftherose

The Sounds of War Compilation is 40 songs from 40 different projects/bands, people from all over the world. This time it is featuring a lot of new artists to be part of this compilation, a lot more Noise Music than in the previous compilations , all excellent material I am proud to release on my label.

Part 1 The Onslaught : The Compilation starts off with an Onslaught of Harsh Noise Wall which keeps getting more intense, then surprised by an ambush with a very fast Speedcore track and then you get annihilated with a violent harsh noise track. After this brutal execution we are drifting into more Noise. We hear the sounds of weapons then of Tanks into this Drone Metal track. Halfway through we transition to a martial industrial vibe progressing into a pure Industrial ambience. The Compilation then fades out into Noise again, leaving you in the ruins of this total devastation , a world completely annihilated by weapons of mass destruction.


Lezet's contribution:

released April 6, 2018

All songs by their respective Artists

Mastering by Steven Beaumont
all rights reserved

Monday, April 2, 2018

V.A.-"Collapsing New Gadgets ( A Frank Tovey Tribute )" released with panpanpanaviandistresscall!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album was created as a tribute / homage to FRANK TOVEY / FAD GADGET. If you are not familiar with his work, it is my earnest hope that the material here might pique your interest & convince you to check out the source material.
Like many of the artists here, I was amazed & impressed by the creative output of F. Tovey, and while I'm not a huge fan of everything he did ( There is some material on the Frank Tovey albums that falls flat for me ) I would never deny the creative dynamism that was there. I think the artists here have done some great work taking the originals as a starting point, and applied their own creativity to the task.

Artists / Tracks :
Awkward Geisha - Love Parasite
Haunted Cat - Saturday Night Special
Gekkering - Collapsing New People ( Macungie Mix )
Feasibility Study - INSECTICIDEFAD
Lezet - Ad Nauseam (baby music toys cover)
ToUGH - Newsreel
Wilfreid Hanrath - Ride into the sun, A Frank Tovey Tribute
Hari Hardman - Caravan on Canvey Sand
{AN} EeL - Fireside Flavour Rite ( FAD GADGET COVER )
Karnivulgar - Sleep ( Fad Gadget Cover )
Mean Flow - Song For Fad Gadget
Saint De L’Abime - Back To Nature Remix
Haunted Cat - Plainsong
Molly Bloom & Martin Delaney - Discover Love
Wilfried Hanrath - T-O-V-E-Y, A Tribute to Frank Tovey
ToUGH - Salt Lake City Sunday
Chris Skinner - Back to Nature
Yann Pillas - Incontinent to the Sun


Lezet's contribution- music toys from my baby daughter's collection, take 1:

Cover Image : Wilfried Hanrath
released April 2, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

DAKO LOOP ORCHESTRA & LEZET -'Noise Band in My Garden' released with ETCHED TRAUMAS (Greece)!!!!!!!!!!!

I am truly honoured to be on a split with the amazing Darko Jovanovic, an experimental /jazz /open-minded musician and music maker from Serbia. Originally of TRIPCYCLE fame,he now plays in DAKO LOOP ORCHESTRA, BLOOM and AUDIO ODELA (AUDIO SUITS) .

"We are so happy to release 'Noise Band in My Garden' by Dako Loop Orchestra and Lezet.
Lezet introduces a true music hero ,the inimitable Darko Jovanovic, to the Etched Traumas community, by means of a split/collab "why the dance rhythm? l definitely live in the loop, and I do things the way I should." "

release page:

free download:

ET122 An Etched Traumas release March 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018


by Blindesmotiv Reloaded

featuring: Subversive Intentions ,Natihil ,Uruly ,DJ Kaos meets 34F ,Motor 166 ,Lord Cernunnos,Nacatero ,Adeptus Mechanicus ,Mince Splatters ,Weirdly Warm ,Lezet ,Noisetalgia,W!DE REVEIVER ,Ninja McTits,Synthmolación ,Kindstod,Mean Flow,Ghost Skull


Lezet's contribution:

released March 15, 2018
all rights reserved

Sunday, March 4, 2018

V.A.-"Noise Ist Krieg 3" released with SKITNASTE RECORDS (Sweden)!!!


This is number 100 on Skitnaste Records and we are proud to present this beast called Noise ist Krieg 3, its full packed with 124 tracks of noise for you to enjoy!!

Eric: "Some weird signals attracted life from from another dimensions. From beyond galaxies, millions light years from your mind. THEY heard the sounds, THEY need this compilation. And You?"


Lezet's noise-metal contribution:


1.Enbilulugugal - Necrolard 02:08
2.The Amp Noise Project - 1-29-2018 10:20
3.Suddenly Noise - Water Pollution By Me, You and Them! 04:34
4.Uruly - Escova, Escova, Escova Os Dentes Da Minha Cova (Essa Nem É A Canção, Mas Foi A Melhor Rima) 00:35
5.I ♥ Black Bear - Everytime I Fuck Into Your Ass I See The Cuming 07:16
6.Yiffs Fy - Animal Rapping (52 Seconds Version) 00:53
7.Rape Your Penis - Untitled 13 06:50
8.Jayko - Mampus Kau Dikoyak-koyak Sepi 03:06
9.Mhzesent - [Delete Hull] 09:58
10.[P.U.T] - It Ain't Gonna be Fun 06:35
11.Oh God Oh Shit - Die in reality, rot with your family 00:46
12.NACATERO - Movimiento Alterado Fierro Pariente Alv 09:29
13.TUNARUNGU - Rusuh! 07:52
14.I,Eternal - Arriere Plan 09:18
15.SpecImEn - Plan Large 09:18
16.53704 - Secrets Of The Creation 09:51
17.Hari Hardman - At War with Sid James 01:50
18.See//Get - In the beyond 08:29
19.Adeptus Mechanicus - Bow down before me!! 05:10
20.No-Joy - No Sense 07:27
21.Crivellator - Track 15 from Mondo Micio 02:52
22.Violent Encounter - Hymen Transplantation 01:51
23.I PORNO YOU - Drugs Gone Wild 01:53
24.Foltergeist - Brandbeschleuniger 02:04
25.Ciankaliy - For the Compilation 10:05
26.REZEEGTNUK - Untitled 00:25
27.Mean Flow - Deep Dive 03:05
28.Malignus MorttvsS - Drown The Virgin 02:52
29.Lezet - Only Laughing and Sobbing This Time Around 02:47
30.Anal Ricochet - Sex is no fun if you are over 12 00:43
31.Tarmförskjutning - Den som tror sig vara bäst 00:02
32.Fucking Fart - Farting along 00:38
33.Painful Defecation - Raped By Jo Dassin 03:24
35.These Gaping Jaws - Death Knell 10:00
36.KHAN - The Pants Party 08:29
37.The Arrhenius Equation - O barulho ensurdecedor do silêncio daqueles que não tem ouvidos para sua voz 02:37
38.WDWRD - Animal Flavor 10:55
40.Necronomaconda - Hold on to ya butts 01:51
41.Toxocara Canis - Eosinophilic Granulomatous Mass 00:31
42.Insufferable - Nothing Remains 02:08
43.Ghostskull - Frenzy Fields 09:59
44.Motor 166 - Japanese jack hole 05:23
45.Bastürdkunt - ​Fanny Fart 06:00
46.Digitanal Fart Sniffer - My Boyfriend and I Usually Laugh at my Small Dick Together Before Having Sexy Time 01:26
47.Satanic Tits - Satanic Tits 00:31
48.Stillborn Granny - Seventeen Seamen Drenched in Semen 00:43
49.Paweł Gigant - 01010010011011110111101001110000011010010110010101110010011001000110111101101100 (live) 06:46
50.Moszniak - U Księdza Na Ganku 00:15
51.Moczniak - Memories 01:58
52.Bestial Pokemonophile - Infuck 02:20
53.Der Smogwürger - Das stumme Ungeheuer 03:47
54.AndroidXattackXamatXscreamO - Dont Be Afraid VS Hourglass 00:48
55.Järnlunga - If silence was my home 05:16
56.крона - стирание 05:25
57.Wormgasm - Bite the Heavens - See what's left on your mouth 03:59
58.Flakka Project - Track 475 01:36
59.YANN PILLAS - « Don't let me up » 04:58
60.卐 - Holy kebab 00:33
61.Jacob Levesque - Startech Brand Turkey Flavored Coffee 01:34
62.Nicki Minoise - One for the temptation 05:43
63.Static Goat - Haute Atmosphère 04:43
64.Stilnox - Minor Threat (MT cover) 01:32
65.Leversjukdom 3 - Ett öga i stillhetens tysta vrå 00:18
66.MUWN - Fierce Look 04:04
67.TNT - Voices; they tell me what to do 03:01
68.Model for Assembl - Colonel Betrayed Us 06:08
69.FLEA PEST - Son Hiu Cho 00:50
70.NO MONEY NO SENTIMENTS - Fuerza Bruta Policial 00:49
72.T61 - Gozo y Ambrosías 03:00
73.Dormir Dans La Chambre Froide ? - La Nuit Verte 04:51
74.Chikara - Ingenstans 02:20
75.The Dead Yesterdays - Still Don't Know 07:37
76.SS Snot - Rotten Hitler 01:12
77.Wormhole Virus - EXƎ.exɘ.EXƎ.exɘ.exe (that smells like 100% corrupted data, and it is) 04:32
78.Status: Kawakami - Never Enough 03:02
79.Halsbränna - Slutet 01:22
80.Chromosome Chaos - Retarded Blowjob 00:14
81.Nucleus - Mushroom From Ligths 03:52
82.フェラチオ - Punk Legends are Rockstars 00:27
83.Wram - Bastard Birthday 04:04
84.Ordinance For Noice - Stop It 01:43
85.Klibbiga Fingrar - Fatta Nån Gång 01:10
86.RÆDD - Experiment 1 01:12
87.Enjoyable Music - Sure, Archetypal Droid 00:30
88.Puta Malaria - Duct Tape 02:28
89.O157:H7 - Separate 01:57
90.R.S.E. - Fuck you 00:11
91.Jjoosseepphh - Express and Possess 02:34
92.Ruditradio - Kebisingan ini bisa membuatmu tidur 06:26
93.SATANIC SATIVA - King (Discourse) 05:23
95.Dr. NoiseM - Napalm Death 09:49
96.Necronomaconda - Chicken shit fuckin pussy asshole 03:07
97.Diskonekcija - Zasto krades snove moje 01:35
98.Gore Jihad - Death Alluh 00:36
99.Indead - Distorted Mindset 01:27
100.Lord Cernunnos - WWI Gas Warfare 02:54
101.Corrodent - Corrosive Humanity 00:58
102.Changoz! - War Genocide 01:36
103.GARCIAxVEGA - The Hag Ruins Everything (live) 00:19
104.The Shizophrenix - I, Comedian 00:17
105.Grba - Razbiji Kalup 02:22
106.Anal Stretch - Gamin 00:58
107.PHOD - N.i.K 05:42
108.DEPRESION - Depression 04:59
109.Kotaks - Like Delas 01:04
110.URETHRA STOCKADE - Diplomacy 02:29
111.Worst Shit Ever - Instead Diarrhea 00:45
112.Headcleaner - Shitnoise 18 part 2 09:58
113.Yiffchrist - Ode to Puffy Paws 04:44
114.Tarpit - The End of Art 18:49
115.Landscape - A Blown Circuit 04:22
116.Masterfully Racy - It's This 07:10
117.Thorn The Beauty - Jangan Terpancing 02:17
118.Sokar - Synthetics (no drums) 03:51
119.SRVTR - Fin du monde2 07:00
120.Fekal Propulsion - Disfrutando los pedos de mi amigo perruno 02:15
121.Meth O))) - NO NOFX ON MY CAR 00:49
122.Mitei Narico - 030 03:11
123.Error Grinder - 1 000 003 02:57
124.Synthmolación - Merda 09:41


Big big thanks to all on this comp!!!
released March 3, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

LEZET - "CURDS" released with SATTVALAND RECORDS (Brazil)

Lezet's "Curds" is a collection of previously released compilation appearances that were no longer available and some compilation appearances of compilations that never were (2009-2016)
There's a threnody, a folk tune, a Christmas track, a percussive track a guitar track, a Muzak track and a few mangled piano improvs.

free download:

cover by Igor Jovanovic aka Lezet
Publication date 2018-02-23
Topics post concrete, noise, improvisation

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

V.A.-"C O M P L E X I T Y" released with Thee Instagon Foundation (USA)!

V.A.-"C O M P L E X I T Y" released with Thee Instagon Foundation (USA)!
featuring track, images and texts by :BARC ,Anime Aliens, Phog Masheeen with Wm. Almas ,Eden Mononym ,Lady Lazarus, Eisenlager ,Dendera Bloodbath, Lezet ,Protofrustration ,Hari Hardman, +DOG+ ,Instagon ,Team Aethyr ,Jared Konopitski ,David Nadeau ,Driftwood Orchestra ,Jack Hertz ,Model For Assembl ,Albert, Baldacci, Nimis ,Robert Scott Thompson,The Planet Flamp Project ,m00m ,Qkcofse


Lezet's contribution:

Life is Complexity - Complexity is Now

This is the 1st Edition ov COMPLEXITY
This collection was compiled in the early months of 2018.
COMPLEXITY is an ongoing series from Thee Instagon Foundation featuring sound, art, & words.. filed somewhere between a compilation, a zine, and a podcast....a little something different that we hope will evolve into more diversity including all 3 artistic paths.

For details on how to be involved and part of the NEXT upcoming edition.. go to

We suggest opening each cut individually and exploring the information and links included with each contribution.

We also suggest listening to the entire album, after downloading, in headphones for best results.
This edition features SOUND contributions from Germany, Serbia, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Mexico, & from thee US States ov California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, & Illinois
now accepting submissions for COMPLEXITY 2

Please follow us on Facebook too!
released February 21, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018

MEAN FLOW / LEZET - "After the Curve" released with BUDDHIST ON FIRE (USA)

Mean Flow and Lezet - After the Curve

Buddhist on Fire welcomes the return of Lezet for a collaboration with Mean Flow.
“Aether 4” was made while thinking how ambient music evokes different feelings in different people and whether light and darkness actually coexist within an ambient piece of music at all times with or without the conscious effort on the part of the music maker.

"Mind Walk" is a magnificent piece of ambient music bending the genre and bringing out the purest in music.
Mean Flow :

free download:

Publication date 2018-02-17
Year 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

V.A.-"TWO HALVES, Volume three" released with panpanpanaviandistresscall (Canada)!!!

TWO HALVES, Volume three -
A Volume of duets curated by {AN} Eel, featuring the pairs of -

Furchick & Christopher Petkus, Wilfried Hanrath & Andy Tithesis, Molly Bloom & Ben Presto, Heracitus Akimbo & Lezet, The Dream Sequins & Bim Prongs, Lumi Krysztal / Felnyrii, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Anthony Osborne, Peter Wullen / Glenn Sogge, Luyos MC / Anthony Donovan, Moduler Gee / {AN} EeL

A Series of duets that were " Assigned " by {AN} Eel, after which participants detailed their own working methods & came up with the tracks you hear here.

The collaborators have, for the most part, not worked directly with each other before & were chosen & paired by {AN} EeL

These tracks are all making their debut here.

1.Molly Bloom / Ben Presto - The Assumptions That Death Makes 01:12
2.Moduler Gee / {AN} EeL - Voice Synthesis Session №1 05:42
3.tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Anthony Osborne - " Sawed Into Halves " (tENT order) 09:14
4.Heraclitus Akimbo / Lezet - Passageway 05:28
5.Wilfried Hanrath / Andy Tithesis - Antecedent Memories Surfacing 09:50
6.Molly Bloom / Ben Presto - The Flea Part 2 00:37
7.the Dream Prongs (The Dream Sequins / Bim Prongs) - Unidentify Yourself 06:35
8.Luyos MC / Anthony Donovan - alt to unending conquest (dreams version) 04:16
9.Lumi Krysztal / Felnyrii - FeLu 05:42
10.Glenn Sogge / Peter Wullen - (feat. Una Lee). - Anywhere, Begin 21:18
11.Furchick / Christopher Petkus - K-I-S-S-I-N-G #2 06:39


Heraclitus Akimbo & Lezet contribution:

released February 15, 2018
Series Title - Felnyrii
Cover Art : Ricardo Acevedo
some rights reserved

Sunday, January 21, 2018

V.A.-"F**k Genres" released with ANTROPOFAGIA RECORDS (BRAZIL)!!!!!

To celebrate the 2th ATP birthday, we did a mega compilation with so many genres of music we could. What we want to mean with this? Just listen to music, no matter the type, genre or theme; if is good music, just apreciate it. On this mega album you can find 3 parts. The first part is instrumental music genres with so little or none electronics elements, like Experimental, Darkwave, Musique Concrete and Metal; part 2 is for electronic music, like IDM, Chiptune, DnB, Trance and Hard/Core style; part 3 is "exquisite" and "no-music", like Dark Ambient, Experimental/Industrial Noise, Harsh Noise and Shitcore.

Enjoy the music and #fuckgenres!


= Part 1: Primeval World =

01. Arisu Flamethower - Primeval World (Intro)
02. Awkward Geisha - Words (Feat. Virginia Woolf)
03. Stilnox - It's Me
04. Lezet - Jam Comes In A Jar
05. DZKYIN - Waiting For The Midnight
06. Tiago Malta - Para Oskar Fischiger (Terceiro Movimento)
07. Gray Z. - Faça Do Jeito Errado (O Mundo Em Descompasso)
08. David Nadeau - La Procession Des Harengs
09. dormir dans la chambre froide ? - Musique de chanvre
10. Substância Negra - Canto Inicial (Encomendação e Sepultamento)
11. Aparelhagem Malk Espanca - Rota de Treinamento
12. Saint De L' Abime - Friek
13. Anghustia - When We Are Alone
14. DJ MixXxuruca - Parnapatifaria Convencida
15. Cloned For Eternity - Regurgitate Strength
16. Druslan - Moon Noose
17. Dyslexic Fudgicle - Olneyfish
18. No God - Glory To Our Cause
19. Fucking Fart - Fartapocalypse

= Part 2: Modern World =

20. Velter's Founders - Modern World (Interlude)
21. Lobo Antigo - Se Afogando No Sono
22. Low Entropy - Sweet Tune
23. Coelhinho Felpudo - Garoto Problema (Xuxa Cover)
24. RCleo - Pensamento Corrompido
25. Indead - Gangsta Trap
26. MC Berro D'Água - Certas Tardes na Zona
27. Dantalion - Sk8r (Extended Mix)
28. New Minimal & Tod'z - What
29. Ankalogon - Massacre
31. Obscuridad - Devil's Diamond
32. Origin Of Styx - Devil
33. SRVTR - Friendz
34. VastemiK - XTCORE
35. Uman - Dance Of An Evil Technology
36. Mental Instability - Cosmological Overdrive
37. Tutorial Faceplant - Hillbilly Powernap (Pill Version)
38. 7!cHO - Nova Crossed
39. ILL - Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover)
40. AlterC☣re - Megabbattacknot
41. TNT - The Capitol Is Dead
42. Furryz Fornicate - Ultimate Rat Invasion (SQUEAK!)
43. Gabberdoom - Loud!!!
44. monoqlom - Sun Shower
45. DJ Mucus - Stuck @ 120
46. Extratrolls - You Got Flexed #MeToo

= Part 3: Chaotic World =

47. Puta Malaria - Chaotic World (Interlude)
48. Adeptus Mechanicus - The Joy
49. Dylan Iamai - Pensando Em Coisas Ruins... No Chuveiro
50. Mean Flow - Rainbow Vortex
51. MUWN - To Soul
52. I, Eternal - Contre Le Monde Entier
53. Mitei Nariko - Idealism
54. Porreria - Claustrophobia
55. V00D00 L0V3 - É O Amor (Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano Cover)
56. Painful Defecation - Medrano
57. √π- - åməøirƌi ǽrǽŋił
58. 53704 - Twin Inside Or Outside?
59. RAUPPWAR - Schizotypy
60. Suture - The Cold Of My Chains
61. SpecImEn - Une Dois Éliminée, Le Sens Est Là
62. The Dead Yesterdays - The Devil And Me
63. Harsh Noise Movement - Fuck NSBM
64. Dr. NoiseM - The Inferno Of Lust
65. Anal Ricochet - Song Of The Tortured
66. I ♥ Black Bear - Quickie
67. Status: Kawakami - Loser
68. Uruly - A Arte Do Roça-Roça No Lençol
69. Yiffs Fy - Wild Sex
70. Mal Aliento - Bad ShiTuation



Label owner notes:

"Second time we do a big album with many good musicians around the world. I'm so glad that the artists trust in me to share then work; this is why i founded ATP. I know our focus is on dark, hard and core music, but to show that we don't have any preconception about any genre - not only musical, but with all peoples differences -, this album contain more than 20 genres of music at general. Really loved to do this mega album with so much diversity. I thank all our fans too, cause without you, ATP has nothing. Cheers from Brazil, and HARD&CORE 4 life!"

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Lezet's contribution:

Antropofagia Records is a Hard/Core/Dark Label

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

V.A.-"Volume 1: Near Death Experience" released with SOUNDS FROM THE CORRIDOR (USA)!!!!!!!!!

Vol​.​1 Near Death Experience
by Sounds from the Corridor

Many of us have experienced it. That moment or time when the end seems imminent. Whether it is for a split second during an accident or a sudden attack of the body, or lying in a hospital bed not knowing the outcome. Each individual reacts to it differently. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series, followed by Death and Rebirth.

1.Devotional - Redford Ashram 07:04
2.Antonio De Braga - Life after Death 05:57
3.M Nomized - Imminent Death 07:08
4.Mean Flow - Velvet Trip 03:39
5.Mario Lino Stancati, Maria Todaro, Mattia Biondi - Mostrarti 09:16
6.raxil4 - Cardiopulmonary 10:13
7.Marco Lucchi - Sinfonia in Modo Dorico 18:46
8.ASHTORETH/eye.spirit.eye - Weight 07:39
9.Amao Quartet - Terremoto (excerpt) 08:54
10.Cousin Silas - Endocratic Overload 05:03
11.Sonifer - (un)intentional set death trap 08:00
12.Lezet/Furchick/{AN} Eel - Bird Shadows on Hospital Bedding (That Once we Walked Near Death) 05:45
13.MUWN - Passage 03:03
14.will soderberg... - Near Death Experience 08:52


Lezet​/​Furchick​/​{​AN} Eel's contribution:

released January 15, 2018

Special thanks to Adrian Nicholls for the Cover Artwork. http:/
all rights reserved