Saturday, April 1, 2017

V.A.-"Two Halves" released with PANPANPANAVIANDISTRESSCALL (Canada)!!!

Two Halves : Volume One.
by V/A: Various Artists
A Series of duets that were " Assigned " by {AN} Eel, after which participants detailed their own working methods & came up with the tracks you hear here.
The collaborators have, for the most part, not worked directly with each other before & were chosen & paired by {AN} EeL
These tracks are all making their debut here.

1.Eddie Lee Sausage & Infinite Article - The Final Day ( Young Marble Giants ) 04:58
2.Kayla Milmine & Jim Benbow - Velociraptor Mist Dance 03:43
3.Qkcofse & Lezet - Anguilliform 01:36
4.Jaded Evil Lambs & Felnyrii - Garbage Horse 07:57
5.James Bailey & Anthony Osborne - Bunion Ark Umface. 03:40
6.Mean Flow & See Through Buildings - Dreaming Over Chaos 15:01
8.Keith Re-Generate and Chris Viard and Their Shit Song Spin-Off Group - Country Guitar Catches a Ride on a Lizard Tail 04:22
9.Christopher Petkus & The Bim Prongs - Bonjour 07:14
10.Yellow Salamand'r & Ben Presto - SATURNDAY 04:24

free dwonload here:

released March 31, 2017
All sounds are created by the collaboration of the artists involved.
Series Title - Felnyrii

Monday, March 27, 2017

RAZABRI & LEZET - "Electric Saw & Other Tales" released on MURMURE INTEMPOREL (France) today!

"The formation of this collection of sound pieces began with the piling up of arbitrary objects in a table drawer, which led to the making of a simple single coil pickup; it was just a small ceramic magnet of unknown origin and a copper wire taken out of an old telephone – this was the only recording device used on this album.
Recording inside a small magnetic field required objects that are made of any kind of ferromagnetic material that could, in broad terms, vibrate. The above mentioned drawer offered a thin modelling saw fixed on a metal frame which becomes the main instrument during the recordings. Other random objects came later, and were chosen by their sonic qualities.

The collection was made entirely by Uroš Pajić (Razabri) and Igor Jovanović (Lezet), the former working as a recordist, and the latter as a sound editor.
The collaboration captures an hermetic, yet warm collection of soundscapes, recorded without presence of air, yet alive.
Running a risk of sounding too predictable, one could say that this collection portrays the secret life of small metal objects." (Uros Pajic)

you can download it here:

FLAC here:

Topics: Razabri, Lezet, Serbia, electroacoustic, post-concrete, experimental, ambient, sound art #Lezet #album #collab #Razabri #Lezet #album #electroacoustic, #postconcrete, #experimental, #ambient, #soundart
Published March 27, 2017
Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International

Saturday, March 4, 2017

DAYWAND / LEZET Split released with RESTLESS LIFE SYNDROME (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Daywand / Lezet
released March 3, 2017

Daywand is Dylan Anderko
Lezet is Igor Jovanovic
lend an ear to this split, you'll enjoy it.
Daywand is amazing!

1.Daywand - Ill, Ill. Sketchy, Sketchy 04:07
2.Daywand - Bond, On His Own Squirrely Mission 04:21
3.Daywand - Building, Breaking, in a Breaking Building 02:24
4.Daywand - Bird Law Laureate 02:20
5.Daywand - Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Protagonist 06:45
6.Lezet - Exercise 01 02:19
7.Lezet - Exercise 02 02:16
8.Lezet - Exercise 03 02:24
9.Lezet - Exercise 04 02:42
10.Lezet - Exercise 05 02:50
11.Lezet - Exercise 06 01:37
12.Lezet - Exercise 07 01:52


tags: alternative electroacoustic experimental electronic garage psychedelic rock Northampton
all rights reserved

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

V.A.-"One String Inspiration" released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One String Inspiration is a compilation of new music, a benefit album for Syria Relief.
Featuring more than 20 artists across many genres, the album contains two hours of new exclusive music.
What makes One String Inspiration different is that we challenged the artists to incorporate a home-made instrument or a found object - strings, wind, percussion, anything at all - that can be processed in any way but must be prominent in the mix. The end result is an album of exceptional creativity, sometimes melodic, sometimes experimental and sometimes frankly plain disturbing.


1.Bowmer Holmes - Night Journey to the Coast (exclusive mix) 04:35
2.Melodic Energy Commission - Hole in Timeless 04:32
3.Detlev Everling - Budget Airline 02:19
4.Abu Ama - Turbin 04:29
5.m.t.scott - The Smoke 03:37
6.Bridget Wishart and the Band of Doctors - Sorrow 03:48
7.Alwin Van Der Linde - Rubberlove 03:44
8.Bunny & the Invalid Singers - Attack of the Duckbills 02:41
9.The Mild East - Ricochet 04:04
10.Synaptyx - What The Duck?! 04:30
11.Beltism - The Lisbon Shakedown 03:46
12.Stephen Wilson Jnr - Cold Comfort 03:12
13.Anna Knight - With His Lifejacket 04:2114.
3 Chords & A Lie - Hostile Skies 05:10
15.Spirits Burning - The Wristband Era 03:03
16.A Dark Object - Metal, Wood and Glass 05:40
17.Glove of Bones - Kitchen Sink Drama 04:16
18.Autonomaton - Solar Panel Voice Energy 04:02
19.Tracy Woodard and Gabriel Monticello - Electric Fountain 01:02
20.Lezet - Elephantine 02:09
21.Idle Devotee - Owsley 05:18
22.raxil4 - Midnight 05:27
23.Globoscuro - Mala Tempora Currunt 06:35
24.Devotionalhallucinatic - Variations To The Accompaniment Of A Cloud 04:46
25.Mean Flow - One String Inspiration 01:56
26.Jessica Pink - rubberstickwhistle 04:44
27.{AN} EeL - Summer Moon (Meditation for Stillness) 03:45
28.CJA Band - The Old Travelling Kettle 09:09

Lezet's contribution:

released March 1, 2017

With thanks to Adrian at Glove of Bones for the artwork, and the good people of Syria Relief for the use of their images.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

V.A.-"Contempt Media Vol.1- Static/Kinetic" released with DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE (USA)!!!!

Contempt Media Vol. 1: Static
by V/A
released February 25, 2017
a double compilation where contributions were sorted into 2 groups- according to whether they sounded static or kinetic

1.Saint De L'Abime - Touchache 03:32
2.Lezet - Wall Grind 03:17
3.Zumaia - 6D6 04:31
4.Ninja McTits - Nuns Eviscerating Atheists 03:50
5.Yoghurt For Breakfast - Stop Pretending We Have Something To Fight For 04:25
6.Gefilte Fist - Lions Tigers Bears Oh Fuck 04:02
7.Vomit Fruit - Death By Snoo Snoo 02:34
8.Mean Flow - Libra, The Lady Justice 06:18
9.Delhi Swim Club - Spoons 12:27
10.Rasalasad - Hexit 02:53
11.Rauppwar - High Voltage 10:21
12.{AN} EeL - Unduct Easer 00:59
13.Painful Defecation - Zilon Sex Tape 03:29
14.Labyrinths Crescent Moon - Part I 10:56

free download:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lezet & {AN} EeL -"The Tower Rings Anew" released !!!!

The Tower Rings Anew is a collaboration of
Lezet & {AN} EeL ~ 2017 // Fev.
"(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>...."


Sounds / Text : Lezet & {AN} EeL
Image : original photograph by Senka Jankovic ; coverart by Neal&Igor

released February 21, 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

V.A.-"Noise Nation Compilation" released with GRANDPA SPACESHIP RECORDS (USA)!!!!!

by Grandpa Spaceship Records
After 9 years of waiting it's finally here!
The concept of this comp was to have at least 1 project from each US state involved. It sounds a lot easier to organize than it is, but it's possible.


free download:

1.MTN (Delaware) - 01 04:35
2.Lackthrow (Pennsylvania) - Giving Birth To Broken Arms 06:03
4.Frataxin (New Jersey) - Coward's Inuition 06:27
5.Shadow Figures (New Jersey) - Reeeeeeeeeeee 10:16
6.Dave Fuglewicz (Georgia) - Galvanic Forge 05:03
7.Lawrence Butler (Connecticut) - Gethsemane 05:13
8.L'eclipse Nue (Connecticut) - Immolation Trance 05:38
9.so_so_gutter (Massachusetts) - gchcghcchchgch 03:13
10.Ghost in a Sweatshop (Maryland) - Suboxone 10:24
11.ATAK 13 (Maryland) - Ham City || (MD I Heart Thee) 08:54
12.Malthael (South Carolina) - Faith, Fear, and Free Will 02:05
13.Freaks With People Behind Them (New Hampshire) - Sacrific the Sparklebear 01:01
14.Gwenevere Complex (Virginia) - Wino 02:18
15.Sunhate Chores (Virginia) - Quaker Endorsement of Feminist-Positive Pornography 03:22
16.Laskurg (New York) - Abandon 03:42
17.NOISE KROV (New York) - TNKF (This Noise Kills Fascists) 08:52
18.Lucy Butler (New York) - Fight The DrumpfenFuhrer 02:02
19.August Traeger (North Carolina) - My Financial Advisor Considers This A Risky Investment 03:39
21.Harvey Bigman (Vermont) - Resistorresistor 05:42
22.The Scum Monks (Vermont) - IRREPARABLE DAMAGE 00:55
23.Forbes (Vermont) - Crowding 05:37
24.Subversive Intentions (Vermont) - Ice Jam On The North Branch 03:00
25.Mu (Kentucky) - Ostrich 06:01
26.Skirr X Trashmouth (Kentucky) - The Full Cognitive Redaction Of Skirr By The Coward Trashmouth 01:07
27.Ground Water Mafia (Tennessee) - Get It You Shit 01:36
28.Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin (Ohio) - Ash-Breasted Tit-Tyrant (Anairetes Alpinus) 04:00
29.Protecious & Jared C. Balogh (Ohio) - Spiritual Vampires 02:54
30.Intra-Cloud (Louisiana) - Ions 01:39
31.Halluciphile (Indiana) - CampChicago2003 03:53
32.Bleeding Out The Demons (Indiana) - Fire and Gore//Homage To Fulci 01:42
33.Scissor Shock (Indiana) - Psychic Vision of a Strangulated Woman Who is Missing a Shoe 02:08
34.Dylan Van Zile (Mississippi) - Fox Destruction 10:27
35.Death Factory (Illinois) - Maggot Oblivion 07:54
36.Pregnant Spore (Illinois) - Zest 05:00
37.tooth_eye (Illinois) - We Are Face 07:10
38.The Futurist (Alabama) - The Prayer 11:50
39.Crank Sturgeon (Maine) - Pout For Hotted Lou On-The-Out's 03:48
40.OLIVER (Maine) - Ugly July and August 10:06
41.Cassandra (Missouri) - Deadgirl (Final/NoVocals) 03:09
42.Hylidae (Missouri) - Fever Redux 02:18
43.POIL (Missouri) - Tasteful And Cultured (Applebees) 04:52
44.JANET (Arkansas) - Live at The Precinct in Detroit (08-19-16) 09:27
45.Redsk (Michigan) - For The Love Of Michigan 06:14
46.Bullshit Market (Michigan) - To Be Petty (Patrick Vocal Version) 04:41
47.Carter Mansfield Natihil (Michigan) - Consuming Lonliness 01:03
48.Black Beast of Arrrghhh (Florida) - 49th st to s.p.i.n. 03:34
49.Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge (Florida) - For Grandpa 01:16
50.Gas Station of Love (Texas) - She Mastered the Art of Swallowing Hot Embers 02:59
51.Thief On The Cross (Texas) - Ancient Of Days 02:33
52.Destroyed For Comfort (Texas) - Mangled 01:10
53.Anophthalmia (Iowa) - Programmed to Kill 02:59
54.Dysphoric (Wisconsin) - Sylvia 06:25
55.Drag Queens On Meth (Wisconsin) - One More For Supper 15:30
56.10564 (Wisconsin) - Noise Wisconsin 01:11
57.The Smudge (Wisconsin) - Gold In The Fridge 04:07
58.E-Yard (California) - Another Mistake 04:48
59.Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot (California) - Emotional Place 02:32
60.Chelsea Jones (California) - Miscommunicated Eye in the Raining Sunshine 03:21
61.Koobaatoo Asparagus (California) - You Gotta Move Bro 06:06
62.EDORI (California) - 00 02:17
63.Sinmantyx (Minnesota) - Built on the Rock the Church Doth Stand 01:42
64.Høltech (Oregon) - Donald J Trump's Fat Shitty Body in a Blender 04:26
65.RUBBISH (Kansas) - Islamic Republic of Kansastahn 04:01
66.Moltar (West Virginia) - Infinite Coffin 02:30
67.Ron Rierson (Nevada) - Theme For Particle Acceleration 06:47
68.Vivian Abduction (Nebraska) - Dashing Commandos 05:29
69.Skin Contact (Colorado) - Burrow 07:19
70.Monowolf (North Dakota) - Our Great Nation (Golden Dawn Version) 03:30
71.Wolflight (North Dakota) - Clandestine Operations 11:10
72.Jason Wade (South Dakota) - Rape Christmas 02:16
73.Contact Low (Montana ) - Hostage of the Heart 2 06:25
74.Robotic Storm Cloud (Washington) - Lend Me Your Years 09:17
75.For Fuck's Sake (Idaho) - Jenkem Balloon 06:45
76.DUHKUNTER (Idaho) - FOWL 06:14
77.DATENKOMPRESSOR (Idaho) - Icefield 13:50
78.Hazmat (Wyoming) - One 09:16
79.Seeing Red (Utah) - Filthy Flow 05:34
80.Kai Barrera (Utah) - Anno Domini In Passion 03:40
81.Organ Donors (Oklahoma) - My Own Worst Enemy (Lit Cover) 10:30
82.Natty Gray Watson (Oklahoma) - Gameboy Game Boy 03:35
83.Sarah Cartwright (Oklahoma) - Drowning Out The Bullshit 02:09
84.Unnatural Element (New Mexico) - A Looming Presage 08:47
85.AcidTrasH (Arizona) - Triple Digits 07:08
86.Fire Island, AK (Alaska) - Infestation (4 May 2013, Anchorage, AK) 05:13
87.Professor Sonic (Hawaii) - Forgotten Magick Data 05:57
88.XZXZ (Hawaii) - Welcome To The Corporation 08:04
89.Crest 218 (Sweden) - 9:20 09:20
90.Metek (Sweden) - Amazing Grace 02:26
91.SpeakingDeaf (Belgium) - 1 (New Beginning/Demix) 08:04
92.V (Belgium) - Non World 10:23
93.Fabrikmutter (Mexico) - Dead God 05:09
94.Fuck, The Retarded Girl (Australia) - Roman Victory 05:39
95.Chav Stabber (Scotland) - The Irrational Anthem 07:10
96.Desakusenyap (Indonesia) - Astronoise 04:16
97.Mutant Beatniks (England) - Ectoplasm 05:50
98.V.I.K.I. (France) - The Snail-Strewn Statue's Enigma 05:53
99.Crystal Grunt (Canada) - La Papesse 08:42
100.JASON RAMSAY (Canada) - tRUE nORTH 05:24
101.Psygima (Denmark) - Sarjh 02:22
102.Protecious & Lezet (Serbia) - Prepared (Remix) 01:55
103.Mean Flow (Greece) - Deep Dive 03:05
104.KOMPRIPIOTR (Italy) - Kizzzzkiii 02:37
105.The MF KittyBooy (The Netherlands) - Vodeka Ticj 01:00
106.Dr.Zero and the Bathos Both Band (England) - A+A=A 01:19
107.Fractures (England) - Blackhole Blues vs 3 faded 04:44
108.ARTIST UNKNOWN - Elohim Intercourse 05:49
109.ARTIST UNKNOWN - Dilaudid 22:47

released January 30, 2017
tags: experimental noise power electronics Madison
all rights reserved

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

V.A.-"DODIRIMI" released with MURMURE INTEMPOREL (France)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The theme of this compilation is implied in it's title : the basic musical motif or the dominant moment of the tracks contain the 4 tones C, C#, D# and E.

In 1973 Bernstein held the first in a series of lectures entitled Unanswered Question on music phonology, exploring the idea of the universal root/monogenesis of music. The first example he gave was the CC#D#E group of notes occurring throughout many classical, modern and folk pieces. Although the lecture doesn't give an explanation of the supposedly universal nature of this occurrence, it does make us wonder whether playing around that group of notes would wake us to some universal feature of music. So the aim was to find out and play with something that is unprovenly universal and probably deeply rooted in the very existence of music.

Artists :
Alen Ilijic (Serbia)
Joseph Damman (USA)
Ivan Čkonjević (Serbia)
Mean Flow (Greece)
Dave Fuglewicz (USA)
Razabri (Serbia)
Dako Loop Orchestra (Serbia)
The Fischermen (Serbia)
Cabrini Green (USA)
Seiei Jack (Japan)
Painburn (Italy)
SRVTR (France)
Analchang (Japan)
Saint de L’Abime (Greece)
adarkah [ianku] (Greece)
Lezet (Serbia)
Zumaia (France)
Moncho Fuego (Puerto Rico)
Lacrimas (Italy)
Zoran (Slovenia)

free download at FMA:

or via archivedotorg:

Compilation concept : UrosPajic
Curators : Uros Pajic and Igor Jovanovic
Post-production : Petar Dabic
Published February 1, 2017
Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International
Topics experimental, acousmatic, instrumental, electronic, ambient, drone, noise, prog rock, improvisation, sound collages, soundscapes

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

V.A.-"The Noise Compilation" released with SIRONA RECORDS (France)!!!!!!

Various Artists - The Noise Compilation (ZIP)
Sirona Records celebrates its 800th release with this intense compilation!
Noise / Harsh Noise / Glitch / Power Noise / HNW / Ambient Noise / Other

01 - Blaming Waves - Of Sons
02 - Koobaatoo Asparagus - Go to McPoison Order Kill Burger
04 - cecilnick - low and slow
05 - Sola Veneño - Nuances of _Function_
06 - From the Willowmeadow - Nethergouldeshey
07 - Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Disconnect
08 - larsp - Mistrustful stone in the backyard
09 - djozr - the fragrance flowers give when they are crushed
10 - T.R.I.v.M. - OHMinimal (deconstructed excerpt)
11 - about.theWindow - bored couples (excerpt)
12 - Zovi - Duet for Extremely Extended Organ
13 - Kai Nobuko - Siro800 made me do it
14 - Demoiselle Döner - A genoux
15 - Lezet & His Nephew Vanja- Our Favourite General Returns
16 - MISANDR - Drifting Dichotomy
17 - StruKtur - Putsch
18 - DJ Scratchin' - Smashed TV
19 - Audio Hater - Spring
20 - sch??00l - GLITCH IS IN MY HEAD
21 - Problem Anderer Leute - Smaltalk
22 - Subversive Intentions - that time i threw sand in his eyes
23 - Mr Groin - Dr Ramses I Presume
24 - Formicophilia - cockroach feces
25 - glasscarpenter - Mint Chocolate Fudge Hot Dog Special Sale
26 - Janmeeba_-_Kaktuskaries
27 - Trance;Gate - Ode To Delirio
28 - Michal James Szewczynski - Wailing Wall (for player piano ensemble and tape)
29 - Pollux - Lost & Found

Total: (3h30)

free download:

Thanks to DeBisco Design for the artwork!
Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International


Monday, January 9, 2017

Suzana´s Bauten- "Collabs" (feat.Lezet) released with SATTVALAND RECORDS (Brazil)!!!!

Suzana´s Bauten Collab´s
by Suzana´s Bauten, Mehata Hiroshi, Lezet, Sean Derrick Cooper, Jesus Cremoso, Yuko Heidi, Antoine Trauma, Knop, Yao Chunyang

Published January 9, 2017
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics Noise, Industrial, Ethno music, experimental

Suzie Bau no tédio numa dimensão estática resolve invocar forças estranhas para o ritual onírico sonoro do despertar.

1 Suzana´s Bauten & Mehata Hiroshi 01 - Collabo 1 - 04:30
2 Lezet & Suzana´s Bauten - Olla (Ondas) - 05:55
3 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt e Suzana s Bauten - Sinfonia Patetica - 22:49
4 Jesus Cremoso e Suzana´s Bauten - xprmnt 1 - 04:18
5 Suzana´s Bauten & Yuko Heide - Made in Sattvaland - 02:02
6 Antoine Trauma & Suzana´s Bauten - UTI - Trauma Irreversível - 16:10
7 sntrpc-080129-000-clltn - 04:06
8 Suzana´s Bauten & Yao Chunyang-YCYS2 - 05:50

free download:

coverart: Valmir Knop Junior

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lezet's "Frustrations" album released with ALTERED STATE REFLECTIONS (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!

Lezet's "Frustrations" album released
by Altered State Reflections (USA)!!!!!!
#piano #aggressive #improvisation #freeimprovisation #experimental
Published January 8, 2017
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

"The tracks on "Frustrations" were recorded
upon arriving home after 3 frustrating days at work. The keys were banged at,
played with palms, wrists, elbows, feet and clumsy fingers, pressed with wooden
sticks and yelled at."-Lezet
cover by Igor Jovanovic

free download:

Friday, January 6, 2017

Lezet;s"Hall" released with Sattvaland Records (Brazil)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lezet's "Hall" album released with Sattvaland Records (Brazil)!!
#folk #lofi #noise #electroacoustic #experimental

“Hall” is a collection of improvisations played, well, in a large hall of an abandoned building. The numbers are heavily influenced by folk- both the brand of folk native to the Balkan and the universal folk strains found in popular music. The hall intervenes and morphs the sounds, giving them a more ominous and primordial tinge.

"Mais um lançamento da Sattvaland Records!!!
Lezet é a arte sonora do sérvio Igor Jovanovic que nesse combo flerta com música eletrônica lo-fi, folk e noise criando texturas futurísticas e tribais que hora aparece o piano cadenciando momentos de delírio onírico junto a ruídos do cotidiano. Instrumentos orgânicos e sintéticos criam belas paisagens white noise e erudição que passeiam por influência da música concreta como Eliene Radique, Sven Grunberg, Arvo Part, Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Anna Lockwood entre outros, sua obra é extensa e conta com diversas parcerias pelo mundo, música de alta qualidade e estilo para ouvidos atentos a detalhes aveludados que derretem no cérebro como massagem para a alma."

free download:

Igor Jovanovic: pre-recorded toilet tank sounds, whistling, voices, piano, kalimba, korg monotron, water pots.
All tracks by Igor Jovanovic, except 07- a traditional lamentation song sung by Vlach women of Serbia, “Bocet".
Cover: Igor Jovanovic
Original photograph by Orgon Solo
Thank you Jean and Sattvaland Records!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

V.A.- "0034survey" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE(UK/Germany)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLASSWAR KARAOKE's V.A. "0034 survey" *(feat.Lezet), the final survey in the series of quarterly surveys is out! I'll be forever grateful to Anthony and Jaan for letting me be part of this amazing journey!!!!!

"Classwar Karaoke was, is and will be. When it was, it was centrally a series of large-scale quarterly surveys of music and film, published each February, May, August and November, from May 2008, until a final grand 34th iteration at the very close of 2016. This vast repository ranges over outlets such as Free Music Archive, YouTube and Internet Archive, with fragments and remnants dotted around the now effectively defunct or forgotten MySpace, Sonic Squirrel, Reverbnation and LastFM, with total hits running into the many millions, and still growing - always free to download, stream and view.
At its peak, there was nothing like it anywhere on the Internet. Classwar Karaoke stands as unique and valuable intense and intimate documentation of an expansive international scene, experimental and progressive in outlook, comprised of such genres as Noise, Live Electronics, Spoken Word, Sound Poetry, Free Jazz, Improvisation, Industrial, Ambient, Soundart, Musique Concrete and Modern Classical, as well as environs further out, nameless and ever more difficult to define. Classwar Karaoke's trademark inclusive, light-touch curatorial policy meant that those participants having huge and long-standing reputations lay equally alongside others less well-known and less experienced; with everyone arranged alphabetically, with no headline acts, no also-rans, no differentiation. With this in mind, though, it is expedient now, at this juncture, to note the participation of names such as Bob Ostertag, Fred Frith and Rhys Chatham .... of ex-King Crimson luminaries, such as Adrian Belew, Keith Tippett and Michael Giles
.... stars of the human-voice-as-instrument such as Jaap Blonk, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Adam Bohman, Phil Minton, Crank Sturgeon and Dylan Nyoukis .... of heavyweight Jazzers and Free Jazzers like Lol Coxhill, Peter Brotzman, Evan Parker and Elton Dean .... of ex-Zappa percussionist Terry Bozzio .... of ex-Henry Cow Geoff Leigh .... of Einsturzende Neubauten's Jochen Arbeit .... of The Three Johns' John Hyatt .... of Wolf Eyes' Nate Young .... of Volcano the Bear's Aaron Moore .... of artists and bands as great and varied as Otomo Yoshihide, Mark Dresser, Leif Elggren, Leafcutter John, Gerd Bressler, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Zoviet France, Pas Musique, Gino Robair, Steve Beresford, Sharon Gal, Anton Mobin, Graham Dunning and Astral Social Club.
The roll-call is considerable, in fact - and goes way beyond this brief selection; earning the project its rightful presence within the wider scene. Indeed, single or mere minor degrees of separation connect Classwar Karaoke directly to everyone from towering figures such as David Bowie, Scott Walker, La Monte Young, Frank Zappa, John Zorn, Robert Ashley, Paul Simon, Robert Wyatt, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Anderson, Mike Oldfield and Tom Waits, to bands like Talking Heads, Faust, Henry Cow, Can, The Fall, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Sonic Youth, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hüsker Dü, The Brecker Brothers, UK and Nine Inch Nails, to Jazz giants like Chet Baker, John Abercrombie, John Scofield, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock and Andy Sheppard, to those from the orchestral world such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Glenn Gould and The Kronos Quartet, through to figures as diverse as Vic Reeves, Zeena Parkins, Tony Conrad, Morton Subotnick, Robert Longo, Glenn Branca, David Torn, Mick Karn, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, John Duncan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jon Hiseman, Phil Collins, Jeff Beck, David Toop and Hans Reichel.
Classwar was never about mainstream validations, however. These surveys are themselves more exactly characterised by extensive, often complex collaboration; each survey a metting-place; each survey a font of new possible associations, friendships, project-mates. Camaraderie and inclusivity defined this project. Nothing about it reproduced the devisive logic and nepotism of the mainstream. In fact, opposition was inferred and expressions of it doggedly pusued. We are Classwar Karaoke: take us at our word.
In this way, though its surveys are now suspended, Classwar Karaoke is. Indeed, other aspects of activity under that rubric persist as an ongoing series of live events and mini-festivals and a sprawling crowdfunder initiative currently boasting 46 full-length albums, featuring the likes of Øystein Jørgensen, Lezet, PARAL-LEL, Jukka Pekka-Kervinen, Stomhat, Dental Dames, Daniel Heikalo, Spidey Agutter, Jaan Patterson, Paul Mimlitsch, {AN} Eel, Damien Olsen, Ronny Wearns, Subversive Intentions, LIL, Sound Inhaler, Cousin Silas, Crush!!!, Chris Silver T, Miguel A. Garcia & Sebastien Branche, Jeremy Gluck, Eun-Jung & Charlie Collins, Arthur Henry Fork, Berthelot and Fiver's Stereo, as well as several compilations, of Noise, guitar pieces, bass solos, percussion pieces, and more.
About 0034 survey specifically, it is enough to say that this final release is clearly no skirmish, no fizzle-out .... it is, in point of fact, another beautiful monster, dense with love, camaraderie and content, full of daring, full of interest; as good as anything else out there. From your hosts, Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson, dear friends of Classwar Karaoke, please enjoy!
Heartfelt thanks and admirations to everyone who has taken part in and supported this project. over its eight-and-a-half years. It's been such a wonderful and interesting adventure!
Love & best,
Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson
December 2016"

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Lezet's contribution:

01 [0.11487 '005216-005262'
02 [BOX] 'The Knot'
03 {AN} EeL 'Bug-Eyed Chaperone (Blind Taste Test)'
04 Alan McLean and Goh Lee Kwang 'From Metamorphose'
05 Alan McLean 'Pedal - Collage for Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal (2016)'
06 Alexei Borisov 'Anonymously Global'
07 Anthony Donovan 'Goya Moog for Annie'
08 Anthony Osborne 'My Name Is Legion'
09 Antonio de Braga 'All in One'
10 Ben Presto 'Recycled OlophonicTrip'
11 BERTHELOT 'Le Modigliani du paradis fiscal'
12 Bunfly 'Pairs Solo'
13 Cabrini Green 'Karaoke Apocalypse Master'
14 Chris Bywater 'Live Improv 79'
15 Chris Silver T 'Dressed'
16 Crank Sturgeon 'Recording 9'
17 Damien Olsen 'FI'
18 Daniel Heikalo 'Bass Recorder Meditation'
19 David Nadeau 'Un signe vert et blanc avec des des flèches'
20 David Nadeau, Qkcofse and Johannes Bergmark 'Processional Permutations'
21 Drift of Signifieds 'Cuisine 5 (Stochastic Mixing)'
22 Feeding Goats 'Fellini'
23 Fiver's Stereo 'Fiver's Class War Dub'
24{A}E 'JaAnNthony, CWK Penultimate Winners - We who are forever grateful salute you -!'
25 Gurdonark 'Frightened
26 Hopek Quirin '65'
27 Hubert Heathertoes 'The page that exploded'
28 Jaan Patterson 'How Are You?'
29 Jeremy Gluck and Anthony Donovan 'Beyond'
30 John Daly 'Untitled'
31 K.T. Reeder 'Panama Papers Chaos'
32 laughingstock 101 'When Did You Last See You're Farther'
33 Lezet 'Heofon to hrofe'
34 Linear Chain 4 'Untitled'
35 Mauro Sambo '06 Aprile 2016'
36 Mr E 'Communism Karaoke'
37 mutanT.R.I. 'Wolf's Hole (excerpt no.2)'
38 Noel Walsh 'AvanteGroove0034'
39 Øystein Jørgensen 'FLUX'
40 Paul Morris 'toaster'
41 Phil Lucking 'Ruins'
42 Pixyblink 'Wall of Skulls feat. GAKK'
43 Princess Haultaine III 'The Miracle of The Stigmata Congealed, The Scab of The Centuries and The Scars of Experience'
44 Qkcofse 'A Prolonged Blast'
45 Quartet 2 'Untitled'
46 Rabbitry 'Sound The Alarm Alarm The Sound'
47 Roger Stevens 'Assembly Station'
48 Ronny Wærnes 'Rinyg'
49 Sieqsonick 'cwk34-brap'
50 Sound Inhaler 'Scattershot Approach'
51 Stormhat 'Scavenger'
52 Subversive Intentions 'This Awkward Machine'
53 suRRism 'Thrash einer Schraube'
54 Tae Ateh 'dashloss'
55 Ton Haring 'Mingle'
56 Union Furnace Meets Robodub 'Duppiedub08'
57 VA and LIL 'No Chance to Return Home'
58 Wilhelm Matthies and Jared C. Balogh 'Left mic (unused piece)'